Boy/Girl get together ideas?!

Question: Boy/Girl get together ideas!?
I know i asked this before but only two people answered it and they weren't the answers i was looking for!.!.!. haha so heres my Q again!.!.!.

Kay so over the summer I did a theatre camp and a group of us got to be close friends!. Most of us are starting high school this year and are going to different ones so this labor day weekend we're having a get together!. It's four boys and two girls (including me) and we're going bowling then back to my house!. My friend needs to serve at a mass from 5-6 so i'll be at my house with all the boys!. I need to know what to do!! I have an above ground pool and a pond so I figure we'll go swimmming and go on the canoes!. But what do I do otherwise!? We're watching a scary movie later and want to play some games!. I know we'll end up playing truth or dare, but what else can we do!? I don't want any spin the bottle type games!. Just some games to keep us occupied!.
I used to have a ps2 but it broke and I don't have the wii or anything else haha!. Any suggestions!?!


guys are far more simple than girls, just do what you have there to entertain you guys, it'll be fine!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Talk **** about people, that's what I did when I got together as teenagers!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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