What side of the plate does the silverware go when setting the table?!


What side of the plate does the silverware go when setting the table?

I put my silverware on the left side with the napkin. What side is the right side.

You are supposed to put the knife and spoon on the right side of the plate and the fork on the left side. I'm not sure though, where to put the napkin. Hope I've helped!

I think forks go on the left side and knives and spoons go on the right. I'm not positive, though. But really it doesn't matter, everyone will still know what the silverware is for even if its not in the "proper place."

The fork is always on the left. If there's more than one fork, we use the forks from the outside first. So if it's for salad and that's being served first, it goes on the inside. If it's for dessert, then it goes on the inside, with the dinner fok on the outside. The knife goes on the right with the cutting edge turned facing the plate, and the spoon(s) goes on the right. Again, if there's more than one spoon, they go in order of use from the outside. (i.e., teaspoon first, then soup spoon on the outside, because you have the soup first).

So here it is:
Fork(s) left
Knives & spoons right.

forks go on the left, starting with the salad fork closest to the plate, and on the right, spoon, and knife (easy way to remember---fork and left have 4 letters, knife/spoon and right have 5 letters)

Forks are supposed to be to your left and knives and spoons to your right. Here's a detailed image:


The napkin should always be placed either to the left of the plates, or directly on top of them. A simple yet elegant fold will suffice, after all it's supposed to be used for more than decoration

Silverware should be arranged according to the courses - the utensils to be used first is placed on the outer side, utensils for the last course nearest to the plates. The bases of the utensils should be aligned so that they form a straight line. Knives, always placed on the right side of the plate, should have the blades facing left.

I used to work at a catering business. . .

The napkin goes on the left side. When setting the utensils, you set them where you work your way out to in.

+The forks sit on the napkin, with the salad on the left and the dinner fork on the right.
+on the right side of the plate, you set your coffee spoon, dinner fork, than teaspoon
+if you're having dessert, the utensil sits above the plate. If it's a fork, the tines sit on the right. . .if its a spoon, opposite.

it goes on both sides

Well, traditionally, in America, napkin is on the left with the fork(s), and the knife(ves) and spoon(s) go on the right. Supposing you have more than one of each (to change between courses), the ones that go with the first course in the meal are farthest from the plate, and the last ones used are nearest to the plate. Dessert forks/spoons are often placed above the plate, generally with the handle facing right.

Every nice restaurant I've been to (and interviewed at) put the napkin on the left and the knife and spoons on it (because you don't need those right away). The forks always went on the right because you'll be using them first, and most people are right handed.

If totally in doubt, put the napkin decoratively in a wine glass or on the charger plate so the diner doesn't have to disturb the silverware.

There is no correct table settings..

I suggest that you set it according to the function and how food is served.

Spoon, fork and knife on the right under napkin would do just fine.

On formal functions, spoons and knives are on the right and forks are on the left.

These utensils are lined on both sides and are arrange in a way depending on the sequence of the food served.

The guest uses the outer most utensil for the first food served and the inner most for the last food.

This is done because soiled plates with the soiled utensils are taken away in order to make room for succeeding servings.

To hell with it, serve your guests with chopsticks, even if your making burgers and beans, just to have fun with them. Whe nthey ask why say "because I wasn't sure which side to put the spoon on".

forks on left, spoons and knife on left. napkin should be in a napkin ring and left at top of plate or on plate. remember smallest to biggest fork or spoons first. work inwards using smallest first. Hope this helps.

Forks on ur left and the knives on your right. Spoons go to the top of the plate.. The napkin folded in your glass...

Forks to the left of the plate with the largest next to the plate working out to the smallest. Knife goes on the right next to the plate and the spoons next to that again with largest to smallest working outward. The butter knife (not your dinner knife) is placed above the plate with blade to the left. The napkin is placed in the center of the plate in the setting. This plate is used as a setting for the soup and salad plate and is removed after the salad course.

Think of this...knife and spoon...5 letters just like right. Fork has 4 letters just like left.

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