How much does a Family Size bag of chips cost?!


How much does a Family Size bag of chips cost?

Oh my, I am throwing a party, and I am soo lost! I need chips for 50 people. How many family-size bags should I get, and what will it cost me? It's for kids. I am thinking Salt n' Vinegar, Sour Cream n' Onion, BBQ, and Regular chips. How much will it cost me??

Go to Sam's Club or BJ's for the best could probably get 4 bags for under $10...but in a regular store the big bags are $3.49 if not on sale.

About $3-$4 per bag I'd say. Try to get a coupon.

15 bags at 3.00 a bag!! thats 45$$!!
what eles they don't just eat chips!! lol

depends where you buy it and if its on sale.

If chips are the only thing at the party to eat...15 bags at $4.00 a bag. Or try buying in bulk at Sam's Club, Cosco, or Gordon Food Store. Might be cheaper.

well it is going to be about 4 dollars a bag. I would also say to go to a Sam's club or BJ's to get a better deal. I would say to get about 2-3 bags. It also depends on what else you are going to be having. If it is only chips you may want to get an extra bag.

Good Luck!


about 50 dollars

around 10 bags catch on sale for 2 for 6.00 or go wholesale like uncle sams or bj's

you should get about 20 bags...5 of each
they could cost about $40

Try your grocery store for coupons. you should get about 10 bags at about 2.00 each.

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