How much ham to feed 14 people?!


How much ham to feed 14 people?

12 - 14 pounds.

Rule of thumb is

Bone in - 3/4 pound per person = 10 1/2 lb ham for 14 ppl

Boneless - 1/2 pound per person = 7 lb ham for 14 ppl

Unless you want a lot of left overs....

Also, instead of getting a larger ham, get 2 smaller hams so you don't have to cook longer.

It depends.. Are they Jewish?

Think of it like this... Are they going to eat a POUND of ham? Probably not. So your best bet is to go with 8-10 lbs ham. You can get some very nice ones if you have a Honeybaked ham in your area.

You can also suppliment by also serving a small boneless turkey breast.

Buy a spiral pre cut ham...8 lbs should be plenty.

Bone in ham for 14 people you should count on 3/4-1lb. per person.
Boneless ham,you can get away with a little less such as 10-12 there is no waste.

Retired Cook.

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