Surprise party question. MC for an anniversary party! What to do? I am throwing my parents?!

Question: Surprise party question!. MC for an anniversary party! What to do!? I am throwing my parents!?
a surprise 35th anniversary party!?ok here's the thing, i'm paying everything out of pocket (which i'm not complaining) I've already paid out over 1000$ & have 1500$ more to pay out!.

A friend of the family (who's a dj) offered to do the party for 200$ & i was so excited (great price & i worked for the same company he did) so i said yes!.

I ran out and bought all the inflatable toys, tamobourines, maracas, hats, glasses & leis to give out to the guest!.!.to have a good time (since he was so cheap i filled in the cost)

He sees my hubby yesterday & they were talking about the party & he said he doesnt MC-if he knew i wanted all that, he would've hired someone!. The party is July 12!. He said if he had to do it he would!.

I want my parents & guests to have fun, someone to go out on the dance floor & dance with them & etc!.

Am I obligated to find my OWN MC since he doesnt do it!? Or should i tell him it's his problem & take the chance of not having a good time!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

It seems there was a breakdown in communication!. He thought you just needed someone to just play some music!. And you were expecting someone to be the life of the party and keep things moving!. Total two different people!. A lot of times the DJ is the MC but not necessarily!.

Since you work with the guy apologize for the misunderstanding!. Explain how you would really like him to still be the DJ, and ask if he could do some MC'ing!. See if he'll commit to some specified MC tasks if not all of the things you need the MC to do!. Explain your money is limited but you could give him an extra $______ dollars for helping you out!. Again apologize for the mix-up!. Don't push things if you think it will effect your friendship or he really doesn't want to do it!. It would make you feel stressed from worrying about what he might do!.

Or your other option is to keep him as the $200!.00 DJ!. and ask a close friend of the family or possible family member to be the MC!. Someone who would look at the job as an honor!. That person would at this as a happy job and not expect any paymentWww@FoodAQ@Com

say nicely that he allready said he would and that you really need him to do it and that if he doesn't do it that the party won't be the same!Www@FoodAQ@Com


are you literaly throwing ur parents!? o!.OWww@FoodAQ@Com

I dont know!.!.!.!.!.tough disicion!.!.!.!.you should just let him have fun!.!.!.its HIS party!.!.!.sort of!.!.idk!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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