Party help???!

Question: Party help!?!?!?
ok so im having a pool party soon and i have a few questiions!.!.!.!.
1!. i need a really cute swimsuit(where to get one and link)
2!. what music(name some songs) i should play!? (im gonna buy some songs off itunes and im 15 if that helps)
3!.who should cater!?(pizza, chick a fila, or moes)
4!. should i decorate the pool and to what extent!?
5!. what are we gonna do besides like dance and eat!? keep in mind that im 15
anything else i might of left out feel free to add!!!

first of all your not 15 your 13!.
1!. get one from pac sun
2!. hollywoods not america shake it and leavin
4!. decorate it all out baby and get some help from your friends
5!. play volleyball and swim

theme: blue like aqua or turquise and another clolor like white or green or purple or what ev you want maybe pinkWww@FoodAQ@Com

oooo!!!! you could do like a mexican themed party and definitely have Moe's cater!.!.!.they will HOOK YOU UP!!! my fiance` uses them all the time for his business lunches and he says you can't go wrong with Moes!. you could have mexican party decorations around, have a pinata--boys would love to hit anything with a stick, and they think they're "bad" with a sombrero on!.!.!.you could get a cute bathing suit with some little ruffles on it; in a BRIGHT color, though!. try Victoria's Secret's website!.!.!.they have some cute tasteful bathing suits (sorry, i know you asked for the link, but i don't think that would be hard to find) that i would let my 15 year old step-daughter wear!. your theme colors would be the same as the mexican flag--yellow, green and red!. go to Party City, they have a ton of mexican fiesta stuff!. Music!? you could get some of the cheap cd's at Wal-Mart that has like latino or salsa music---oh, wait--itunes!. never partied with it, but i am sure you can search by genre!.!.!.if you can, put in Latin or Salsa!. i hope this helps! y'all have fun and be safe!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

what kind of music do u like, tht could help =]
MOES!!!! deff!.
yeahh u should do a hawian theme!! and put some palm trees up for the occation, for an idea for party favors, get the girls shoe sizes and get flip-flops, beach towel, victoria secret lipgloss jst to look good =]!. dancing,eating and a pool is probably enough so jst socialize and hav fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

1!. JCPenny (here is the link for junior swimwear)

2!. !?!?!?!?!?!?!? (i don't know what teens listen to)


4!.only if YOU want to

5!.!?!?!?!?!?swim, play teen games!?!?!?!?!?

P!.S!. i just turned 12 on MondayWww@FoodAQ@Com

1!. Swimsuit - Target! They have really cute suits!
2!. Music - Depends on what you and friends are into!.!.!.I would like a mix of 80s pop and punk and 60s/70s like Beatles (but I'm 46!!)!.!.!.I might also like some rap, but lyrics are always an issue (and again, I'm an adult!)!. My daughter (age 16) would like Beatles and more of today's punk and some rap!.
3!. If you want it catered, then you can't go wrong with Chik fil a, but pizza might give a better choice, especially if you have vegetarians attend!.
4!. Yes, decorate the area, but I'd do streamers and lanters and some table decor, (do a buffet table with different heights to fit and show off food)!. I wouldn't go overboard, as it's really expensive, and most will be hard to keep up with and take down!. You might want to fix some little lights over the food table and then some safe candles on the small tables you might have around the pool for guests to sit and eat!. Get help from parent on these!
5!. Some games might be good!. If you want to set up the pool for volleyball, that would be fun, or maybe you could do a who am I game (put names of favorite actors or characters from books/tv/movies/cartoons on paper and hang them backward over guests; then the guests have to ask questions of others about who they are)!. Another good ice-breaker is to have nametags and have the guests write out an "ask me about"!. The nametags have Name and then are printed with Ask Me About!.!.!.!.and the guest writes in something unique; have a sheet of stars for the guests and when someone asks another about their unique thing and the asker learns something new, they give a star to the person they asked!. This is good for door prizes - whoever has the most stars in the end wins the door prize! It doesn't have to be an expensive one, just something fun!.!.!.how about a homemade mix disc!?!?

I hope these help!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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