Any ideas anybody???!

Question: Any ideas anybody!?!?!?
i wanna make a theme party!.!. the problem is im having a hard time picking a theme!.!.!.i want it to be a huge party ofcourse with all the good stuff ;)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Arabian Nights
Arabian attire, “bazaar” tent with market items (baskets, lamps, urns, rugs, feather fans), oasis, Nile barge or camel caravan, lattice arch, dome building, lighted dish fountains, urns with pampas grass, Sahara desert scene, oasis with palm trees, tables with gold, palm trees, ostrich plume tops, overhead gold stars and crescent moons, genies!.

Army Base
Olive-colored t-shirts with “Boot Camp” on front and company logo on back, Army food (meat and mashed potatoes, rolls, etc!.), have caterers interact, pretend boot camp (obstacle course, push-ups, sit-ups, marching drills), paintball, laser tag, bungee jump, president of the company addresses the troops and awards medals to the winners, fireworks after dark!.

Beach Party
Beach attire, sunglasses, beach volleyball, swimming, beach balls, towels, umbrellas!. Hamburgers, Hot dogs, shrimp, oysters and a great punch!.

Casino Party/Riverboat Casino Theme
Formal attire, mouse races, bingo, casino games, craps, black jack, poker and roulette tables, cigarette girls!. Buy prizes with house tokens or give trophies for tourney winners!.

Carnival Theme
Sandwiches, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and dip, cotton candy, popcorn, roasted peanuts, ringmaster, acrobats, clowns, clown-card invitations!.

Classic Greece/Rome
Ancient city, Greek gardens, marble colonnades, columns, cherub water fountain, urns, balustrade, Athena statue, curved benches, pedestals, stone gate walls, planters, topiary trees, golden gossamer fabric, ivy and grape vines, angel and garden statuary, carved relief frieze “gods!.”

Venice Beach
Beach/summer attire, sandwiches, macaroni and potato salads, tortilla chips and salsa, ice cream, food carts, volleyball, Frisbees, kites, football, acrobats, clowns, fire-eaters, jugglers, fortune tellers, mimes, steel drum band, sand pile, blankets, chairs, umbrellas!.

Construction Party
Jeans, t-shirts, work boots, hard hats, sack lunches, construction obstacle course, barricades, yellow lights and signs!.

Derby Theme
Formal attire, large hats, bourbon, mint juleps, cake molds (horseshoes, hot air balloons), candy molds (roses, horses), hot air balloon rides, races, sterling silver, red roses, baskets of flowers, jockey colors, ice sculpture (horse) with roses around neck!.

Disco Night
Leisure suits, disco attire, platform shoes, dance music (KC & The Sunshine Band, Donna Summer, etc!.), disco ball, “Staying Alive” signs, bouncer, velvet-roped entrance, DJ stage, nauseating color scheme, rope lights, mirror balls, character cut-outs (1970s Elvis, Beatles, Star Wars characters, John Travolta, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo), giant silver stars, shimmer curtain, smiley faces, Rolling Stones “lips,” lava lamps, giant flowers!.

Dinner Theatre
Create your own dinner theatre at Manhattan’s Wareham Opera House or the Columbian in Wamego!.

Film Night/Hollywood Party/Academy Awards Night
Dress as old Hollywood characters, awards ceremony, Oscars, red carpet, film reels, movie posters, walkway lined with palm trees, 3D stars, director’s chair and megaphone, movie star stand-ups (Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Katherine Hepburn, Jack Nicholson, Client Eastwood, Charlie Chaplin), giant “ HOLLYWOOD “ letters!.

Game Show Party
Create your own version of “The Gong Show,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “The Price is Right,” “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” and others!. Questions could be geared toward your company or organization’s interests!.

Hawaiian Luau
Roast pig, tropical fruit, flower leis, palm trees!.

International Party
Authentic to cultures, international food stations, cultural dance performance groups, various cultural music!.

Karaoke Party
Karaoke machine!.

Magical Moments
Capes, top hats, mystery meals, balloon artists, magicians, audience participation, black and white décor, magic wands, decks of cards, doves, rabbits!.

Mardi Gras
Feathers, masks, sequins, Mardi Gras clowns, “Bourbon Street” atmosphere, street lights, masks, beads, feathers, brick park walls, iron gates, hedges, fountain, iron park benches, parade float, satin purple, green and gold parade shells!.

Fatigues, surgical scrubs, Army tents and the characters from the popular TV series!.

Masquerade Ball
Awards for best attire!.

Mediterranean Fest
Mediterranean appetizers (brie, crackers, rosemary bread, wine, fruit, green olives), Italian sodas, artichoke dip, pool party, Italian music (soft and lively), photographer, live singers (opera), Mediterranean postcard invitations, paradise décor (white sand, old style striped tents, fold-out lounging chairs), lifeguard, walls, decorated with green vines!.

Mexican Fiesta
Fiesta attire, Mexican foods, margaritas, live band pi?atas, sombreros!.

Murder Mystery
Guests are assigned a character when they arrive complete with their character profile!. All the guests are suspects as well as detectives!. As clues are announced periodically during the party and the dinner everyone must get around and interview the other guests!. Only the murderer knows who she is and of course the organizer!. Everyone turns in their "who done it" form at the end of the party along with other key elements like where and with what weapon!. Winner gets a prize like a weekend at the Lodge at Cloudcroft's Murder Mystery Weekend held twice annually!.

Patriotic Theme
Hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie (picnic food), singers, games/races, U!.S!. flags, hats, presidential memorabilia!.

Pirate Party
Pirate attire, eye patches, bandanas, grubby clothes, pirate hats, seafood, games, ships, hook, fishing net, pirate ship flag (skull and crossbones), gold doubloons!. Caribbean fare, Jerk pork, fresh fruit and a good rum punch help spice up this party

Progressive Party
Variety of dishes, travel to different locations for each course of the meal!. That is appetizers at the first location and desserts at the last!. It is also fun to have varying themes in food and decor at each locationWww@FoodAQ@Com

Well, it being summertime, you could always have theme that has to do with that!. Such as, a luau, or it could be a party themed at cooling things down or turning up the heat!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

pajama party or costume partyWww@FoodAQ@Com

pick your favorite decade like the 20s or the 40s or the 70sWww@FoodAQ@Com

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