Tigger invitations ideas please???!

Question: Tigger invitations ideas please!?!?!?
My sisters kid is turning 3 but is crazy about tigger and wants a tigger party not, winnie the pooh!. Anyway i have to make the invitations and they want a cute invitation that is very different any ideas please help me im clueless!?!?!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Slinkies (plastic) might be a good party favor, as well as rubber bouncing balls!.

For the invitation, I would have 2 paws folded to make it look like hands over eyes!. When you pull the paws back, you see Tigger's smiling face!. On the inside of the arms are written the party details!.

Another idea is to make plain tigger cards, and have each kid bring his or her invitation back to the party colored by them, or have them get their parents to help make silly outfits for them!. These can either be put on display for the kids to see, a special prize can go to whomevers is voted best, or they can be used as place settings!.

You can buy plush tails (LSU always has tiger tails for sale) or you can make your own with orange fabric, batting, a black marker, and either sew them or use fabric glue!. Attatch it to an orange and black striped invitation!.

Good luck! Hope these help!


Make a cut out of tigger and paste it on the inside of the card so that he "bounces" out of the card!? Or have the words "Boing Boing Boing" on the front cover and just simply have a picture of tigger on the inside, and say something along the lines of!.!.!."IT"S ME, Tigger!! Come Bounce with me at such and such place and time!.!.!.etc"Www@FoodAQ@Com

well you could do something fun like tigger cut out invites and write the information with a white paint pen on the stripes! Im sure you can find an online coloring page type thing to use for a stencil to cut out the tigger body, or you can print the outline on orange card stock and still write in the info in white paint if you dont have the time to cut out all the shapes and stripes and glue them on!.
so like this would all be a back view of tigger!. or for a front view you could do about the same idea and just write the info on his belly heres a pic that would work for that:
just make sure you make the picture small enough so that after you print and cut it out it fits in envalopes if you need to send them!
hope this helped a bit=)Www@FoodAQ@Com

pop-up cards!. tigger is very bouncy after all!.!. :] good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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