Pre prom party menu?!


Pre prom party menu?

what appetizers should be served? We will be drinking champagne and want some ideas!

hot wings
bbq wings
pasta salad
mini sub sandwiches
mini egg rolls
sandwich wraps (ham & cheese or turkey & cheese)
chicken salad
tuna salad
potato salad
macaroni salad
fruit salad
fried rice
cheese and cracker tray
potato chips, soda, pretzels, and tortilla chips.


Uh, who's drinking champagne? Are you a kid? Or an adult overseeing the party?

garlic bread, little stuffed jalapenos. Wait, PROM? if you're at prom you're underage! don't drink

Chicken and shrimp kabobs

Shrimp cocktail, finger sandwiches

baby tarts with goats cheese , semi dried tomatoes and pesto, little frittatas with smoked salmon. prawns with lime leaf aoili. bite size chicken sambos made with good mayonnaise. fresh crudite with hummus and tzatiki

Sorry, but you're not old enough to drink before prom.........what do your parents think about the idea?

chicken wings salad

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