Does any1 know any cool themes for a boys 16th birthday??!

Question: it will be held at a club, attendees must DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!

Answers: it will be held at a club, attendees must DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!

If you want a Dress to Impress party, why not make it a kind of Hollywood theme - like James Bond or Ocean's 11 or a Las Vegas type theme, black suits or plaid jackets, skinny ties, fedoras, the works. Just think of your favorite type of movie like this or have them come as a favorite movie star role - but make sure to indicate if there is a certain minimum standard like shirt, jacket, pants and tie.

Have fun

umm what kinda club allows 16 year olds? I'm hoping this is a country club type affair - not a dance club.

Basically teenagers want food, music, and a chance to hang out. Hire a DJ and let them play all the music the kids like - take advil before this to prevent the headache this can cause lol. Either have a caterer or let the club provide the food - remember 16 year-olds like basic stuff (pizza, chips, dip, nachos, wings, etc)

You're better off with something relaxed - teens don't want to have to dress up and be on good behavior at a party, they want to chill (you might do better to just have pizza, sodas, video games, and movies at your house - it's cheaper!)

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