Planning a surprise 18th birthday for my boyfriend!!! any cool ideas?!

Question: i want it be real cool..n memorable...

Answers: i want it be real cool..n memorable...

Just make sure you keep all the hood rats out for fights. The young kids of the day; want to make parties memorable starting stuff. I would go a different route..and aim for the bowling alley, dinner at his favorite restaurant(a Japanese steak house/where they cook the food in front of you) you can also, make it memorable by doing something strictly for him. Use the money and buy him some clothes, Ipod, take him to dinner, get a couple massage...
I would stick to making it a more intimate setting...He's turning I'm thinking he may want to be in a chill the partying for his 21st bday.

depends - where do you plan to throw him the surprise party?

lots of naked chicks

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