Movie Marathon! Need Some Ideas! ! ! ! ! !?!

Question: im having a movie marathon, and i would like more ideas on
1] food
2] drink
3] movies
4] seating

Im in the uk so no movies that are only availible over in america.


Ty x

Answers: im having a movie marathon, and i would like more ideas on
1] food
2] drink
3] movies
4] seating

Im in the uk so no movies that are only availible over in america.


Ty x

How fun! Here are some ideas:

1. Rate those movies! Have your own version of the Academy Awards. Invite guests to dress up and have score cards to rate your chosen movies in different categories, such as: Best Horror Movie, Best Drama, Best Comedy etc.
2. Obtain a large screen if possible and one of those contraptions that let you show dvd's on a screen. If you can't do that, then pull out your television and dvd play and place it in an area where seating can be moved around and the screen easily seen.
3. Pick three movies, or have your guests bring one of their favorites or something no one has seen to review.
4. Keep your food simple but filling. Below are some ideas:

a. Spinach dip in bread bowl with crackers, baguette
b. Lil smokies in bbq sauce
c. Meatballs in a bread bowl with marinara on the side
d. Chicken and green chili quesadillas
e. fruit kabobs with a marshmallow dipping sauce
f. Gourmet popcorn with flavored sprinkles
g. Vege platter with ranch dressing
h. Dessert platter with brownies, lemon bars, cookies, and pecan bites
i. Candy "bar": large glass jars of your favorite penny candy with scoops and plastic bags for guests to help themselves. Some options: M&M's, mini Reese's peanut butter cups, taffy, chocolate covered raisins, Hot Tamales etc.

5. To drink: have plenty of sodas and sparkling water on hand. Create a signature "cocktail" for the evening that you can either serve in a punchbowl or whip up in batches for everyone. Consider mojito's, cosmopolitans, margaritas, etc.

Have fun!

Would help to know what kind of a crowd you're having? Age range, girls, boys or what?
You can always go with movies that have sequels or have a series out such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Die Hard, The Bourne ones, chickey flicks like Sleepless In Seattle and then You've Got Mail (as Tom and Meg starred in both) or something along those lines.

food- rotel dip (chopped ground beef, block of cheese and a small can of rotel tomatoes),hot wings,pizza
drink-can drinks, most people like cokes and sprites throw in a couple of fruit juices for the ones who don't drink drinks
movies- I'm not sure on what to recommend
Seating- most people like to be laid back so I'm suggesting a couch, some bean bags, recliner. Don't pick seating where they have to be sitting straight up

For food, I'd go with finger foods and stuff that's easy to eat while staring at the tv. Some things just can't be eaten well in the dark. Don't go with anything like soup or spaghetti, or you'll have a mess to clean up afterwards. Maybe you could make a bunch of appetizers, like stuffed mushrooms, spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips or bagel bits, etc. That would be fun and tasty!

As far as drinks go, if you are of legal age, you could serve mixed drinks and have a little mini bar. You could also use the mini bar idea with only virgin drinks. Look up some recipes online. You can also have soda, water, juices, etc. Have a little bit of everything on hand in case someone is picky.

I don't really have any movie ideas for you since I don't know what you like, sorry :)

For seating, you could use bean bag chairs, blankets, floor pillows, and couches and chairs.

Your party sounds fun! Hope you have a great time!

i think tea to drink
the queen for the movie
some English muffins
BYOC...bring your own chair

I'm sure you mates will have a lovely time..cheerio

food= has to be fresh junk food. NEVER ever give 2 day old open chicps cuz that will ruin the mood. really bad idea. u cant give real food cuz 1. this is a marathon 2. it would be messy

drink= ranging from water to alchohol. as u guessed it has to be fresh and COLD. warm coke is a real turnoff :/ if u are in the age of coolness, make sure there is an adecuate amount of beer or breezers, anything that is general.

3= now this is a HARD question since i have NO idea how old u are. and if ur strictly religious, or sensitive. normally people make "horror or commedy related movie marathons. action movies get reallllly boring after like 2 so :/ if its only chicks then have 1 movie as a romance, 1 comedy to bring spirits up and then 1 more romancecomedie. that includes both :) repeat :P christian propaganda movies are boring. they will hate u for the rest of ur life, if u do that so im warning u. and cartoons also suck sorry :/

seating. the best seating is to have a 3 person sofa, next to it a normal leaning chair and infront of the tv space to lie down. have 4 people on the sofa, 2-3 people on the floor, 1 on the leaning chair.
make sure refreshments are at hand :)
hope u have fun and do the right thing. remembner NO christian movies. seriously for ur own sake :S

take care:)

Keep it easy & simple..once everyone leaves; you won't be stuck getting red fruit punch out of your carpet.
1. Food -
teens love pizza & wings...(get paper plates & napkins.) of course buy microwave popcorn & you sevaral bags are finished popping- just place in several big bowls.
2.Drinks -
can go wrong with assorted canned sodas. I would get a cooler filled with ice so that way it can be self serve.
3. Movies -
I like the old stuff. My favorites Grease, manneqin, Dirty Dancing, Beverly Hills Cop, Stir crazy, Purple Rain, Turner & Hooch, The Toy, Blues Brothers.
4. Seating -
only you know this question...because you know how many people you having & the set up of your home. But I say make it comfortable as possible. Big pillows, bean bags, fold up chairs...

How about a sequel marathon? You could do Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of The Rings. For seating, throw a bunch of pillows on the floor. Depending on what you watch, I would theme the food to the movies.
So, for Harry Potter...
Food -
Witches warts - cherry tomatoes (empty the insides) filled with cream cheese
Dragon Eyeballs - cut some hard boiled eggs in half length wise, put a sliced olive in the center
Witches toes - Fill a crock pot with cocktail sausages and bbq sauce
Bats wings - Bake some chicken wings in bbq sauce for 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

Lord of the Rings
The Precious - bake a cake (or buy one from the bakery) in a bundt pan. Cover with white icing died yellow or lemon flavored icing
Marshes - guacamole with stick pretzels sticking up as trees
Elf food - mini cup cakes, mini pizzas, anything mini really

Star Wars
Light sabers - bread sticks with blood (marinara) dipping sauce
Death stars - mini pizzas with a big pepperoni in one corner
Jabba the Hut jello - green jello

You could also do a popcorn bar for any of these:
Make a ton of popcorn and then set out bowls of grated parmesan cheese, some melted caramel and peanuts, Italian seasoning (pizza flavors), cayenne pepper, or for something sweet, a bowl of chocolate sauce for drizzling.

As for drinks, I would have an assortment of soda and some punch (any flavor sherbet mized with ginger ale or sprite)

Have fun at your party!

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