Hosting a bday party,but do not want to pay for everyone,how do I word it on the evite that dinner isnt free?!

Question: Thanks in advance for your help!

Answers: Thanks in advance for your help!

Tell them how much it is going to cost on the invitation.

Tacky, that is a no-no.

I wouldn't invite guests and then expect them to foot their own bill. If finances are tight, do something more low key: potluck dinner or a theme night (everybody bring something chocolate, for example).

If it is in a restaurant, tell them it is Dutch Treat. If it is in someone's home - make it potluck or you can say "we are all chipping in for pizza", etc.

If you don't want to pay for every one.cut the number of people coming to the number that you can afford.or make some thing that will meal that will serve a large number of people. It' tacky to ask guess to pay.

I wouldn't offer a dinner unless you're prepared to foot the bill.
If you're hosting and doing the invites, it's kinda on you to cover the costs.
Good luck!!
Nice to see you as usual.
Sorry Cricket.
How about; Dinner Available at Guests Expense or
Dinner Will Be Provided For A Nominal Cost.

yeah you tell em matey!! its all about the wording on the invite not opinions on whether you should pay!! I suggest you put the amount on the invite, subtle, it doesn't have to sound like you are a tight *** coz surely people dont think like that, not people that are your friends!

I might write something like, "Dinner available, but not included." Something like that.

Include a copy of the menu with the invite

Can't think of the correct wording, but how about something similar to that put on wedding invitations, where close members of family etc., are invited to the main meal but others are invited to a reception later in the evening. Or, contact the people you are considering inviting prior to occasion and inform them of the circumstances. If they are that close to you, I shouldn't think they would mind paying. If they don't want to, don't invite the tight b*******s! The cost of their meal would probably be less than you would spend on a decent prezzie anyway, so put it to them that you would rather have their company than a gift! And if they still decline, so what; what can you get for a tenner with regards to a gift these days anyway. On my 21st I had a party, but couldn't afford for it to be a complete freebie, so I had a word with the Landlord of the pub, and he was brilliant. I put £X behind the bar, and all the drinks were half-price until the money ran out, then they were full price. (I will add that I offered to pay for the buffet/disco, but as I did work there the Landlady done that as a gift, and their son done the disco for the same reason). No-one minded at all; in fact they would have been more than willing to pay the full price anyway. It isn't uncommon these days for parties to be held in venues that have bars/buffets etc., but the guests pay for their own food/drinks etc., It's just nice for family and friends to get together and have a good time. My 21st was brilliant, hope your party is good too.

Christine O

That's kinda hard inviting people to a restaurant because there is always those stinkin people who complains about money!!!! But if its a private banquet type of party, pick and choose appetizer, lunch/dinner & dessert and know how much it will cost to ask people how much contribution they will be making. Since you are the host, you might want to buy their drinks. So word it like,"If you would like to partake in this special celebration, a contribution of $amount will be appreciated. Drinks is on me."

Come celbrated Person name Birthdaywith us
No gifts expected

Hosted by: Your name here
For: Birthday of person name here
When: Date
Where: Place
Time: AM or PM

Dinner later to follow $8.00 a plate

RSVP for dinner.

Say: (its my birthday and i would like to invite you all to come. However, i have a lot of friends and not alot of money. So if you hungary bring some money and if not just come and have some fun!)

I hope this helps and i think it will work cause it doesnt sound rude or anything.

Im sorry, I cant think of how to attmpt to do something that class-less. If youre going to host, then host, you cant Invite then not expect to foot the bill. I can agree with the person that says you can turn it into a pot-luck kind of thing, but thats as far as I'd go. Sorry if a lil forward. Maybe you should just plan on 'finger food' or something within budget.

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