What is a good dish for my super bowl party?!

Question: I have the simples like chips with salsa, but I need other things! plz help

Answers: I have the simples like chips with salsa, but I need other things! plz help

What about a Taco Salad? Easy and good to make!

Some type of Foot ball cookies or chips and of corce soda have something entertaining like games during half time

Lots of chicken wings, hot, hotter, too hot, and blue cheese dressing. Small Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Finger food stuff. Chow

Make a crock pot of chili or spagehtti. Put out paper bowles. A lot less clean up. They can serve themselfs. GO GAINTS.

Meatballs in a crockpot. Buy a bag of frozen ones and pour spaghetti sauce over them.

Heat little smokies in a sauce of equal parts grape jelly & chili sauce.

Spread onion-chive soft cream cheese on flour tortillas, top with THIN sliced hard salami. Roll up tightly, chill, and slice in 1 inch pcs for great roll-ups.

Melt equal amounts of velveeta with a can of no-bean chili for a really good nacho dip.

baked potatoes.

Have bowls of *fixins* for the baked potatoes (chili, shredded cheese, melted cheese, onions, frito's, sour cream, butter, etc)

Chocolate fudge snack


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