Why does my 5 year old brother never eat?!

Question: When he was 3,he really wanted to EAT!but when we joked him "Hey Brian!Reduce eating!"he never ate at 4.....he only ate like a RAT!!!pls help me!!!!

Answers: When he was 3,he really wanted to EAT!but when we joked him "Hey Brian!Reduce eating!"he never ate at 4.....he only ate like a RAT!!!pls help me!!!!

Kids go through phases and he might be taking social cues from the people around him - say your mom is on a diet or everyone eats dinner and says "Oh man, I stuffed myself, I shouldn't eat so much, it's so bad for me!"

He might be picking up on those cues. He could also have become a finicky eater based on multiple peoples' tastes and became picky, too.

I used to date a guy who had a 4 year old daughter who became really picky and would only eat food that was pink, because that is her favourite colour - unfortunately, most pink foods are crap and loaded with sugars, so I had to be creative and make lunch fun, so I started buying chicken dinosaurs and I made the dinosaurs annoy her and to get them to stop she had to bite their heads off, and then I bought pepperidge farm's gold fish crackers, etc..

Later on, we found out her picky eating came from her mother - her mom was constantly feeding her fast food and candies and convenience food because she didn't know how to cook and didn't care what the kid ate as long as she ate something, so no one would say anything!

I digress, however.

unless he is looking dangerously underweight, his energy level is low, he looks pasty or has other related health problems, he should be fine, and you might simply have to find a kid-friendly way of simply asking him why he eats so little.

Sometimes little kids don't eat...it happens.

Maybe he's not hungry?

uuhhhh ....

this is such a silly question but he's not - not eating because of your comments.

maybe hes not active enough so he doesn't get hungry because hes not burning calories. If hes not hungry, hes not hungry. He's only 5...5 year olds generally don't require a lot of food. Wait 10 years and he'll be eating much more.

Maybe he just doesn't feel hungry. Some kids have to be forced to eat. Others are extremely picky eaters.

dont worry! thats wat my little brother did but it was just a stage. just buy some of his fave foods and he'll start eating more and more.

UM...WHAT!!! I think you lost me....

i have four yr old grandbaby..i lay out a variety and she picks...like for snack i lay out cheese,lunch meat turkey,ham,and carrots and dip. she picks but i notice it takes awhile but she eats it.

maybe he does not want to eat

Firstly if he didn't eat he'd be dead.
You mean he's not eating the right type of foods!
Ban him from eating the crap food and replace it with real food and fruit etc.

Sometimes kids hit an age when they're little where they get really picky and don't want to eat. At that age, they eat when they're hungry. You really shouldn't pick on him about how much he does or doesn't eat. You're gonna give him an eating disorder. He'll grow out of this phase.

maybe the food u give him should be meant for a rat

It's not that you said anything, it's that he doesn't feel like eating. I'm the same way. I eat when I want to. My parents used to give me hell for not eating until they realized I wasn't hungry.

way to go telling ur baby to eat less, way to encourage you baby. youz a bad mama

maybe you made him feel bad or he took you seriousely. but kids are like that give him junk food see he will eat. Best of Luck_

he's fine.

it seems that way to alot of parents that their kids aren't eating enough. but if you write it all down, throughout the day, and include snacks..it all ads up.

just have to make sure that when they are being really picky (like mine is right now), that you make sure that you give them really healthy food, and treats occasionally.

when he was younger, he was eating to grow. and they grow fast (er) in the first 5 years i find. so he' snot growing at such a rate.

don't worry about him. as long as he goes for regular checkups at the doctor, they will know if anything isn't right.

Rat can eat a lot. Parents should take him to a doctor if there is concern.

that's a hint that he does not like the food that he is being fed. tell your mom to be more creative in the kitchen, and/or get her an interesting cook book and beg her to try some of the recipes in it that your brother and you like.

Maybe you should ask him. Little kids are finicky...he might not like what you are giving him, or he might not be hungry. Kids go through odd phases. One week they'll only eat things that are green, the next week they only eat soft things...its odd. Talk to him about it...he may be five, but he might tell you something...

Oh, and "cough-it-up" 's comment was absolutely on the money. (3 above mine)

I wouldn't worry about it much, my bro is 10 and he hardly eats anything, and he's fine.

What do you need help with children only eat when they get hungry , dont fret

this time say hey brian eat like a pig or something and when he eats reward him with things that he likes and also introduce him into fruits and vegetables too so he doesnt get fat kinda like raising a dog haha lol best of luck!! :) :]

Just put bits of food that he enjoys on a plate. Healthy kids will get and appetite eventually. Your mom needs to speak to the pediatrician if she has concerns.


You have to attract him in food like doing special shapes in somekind of food and cook what ever he likes.

also, you can get him gifts and stuff if he eats really well.

take him to the doctor

maybe he is not hungry, that or he has something on his mind or bothering him

lulz at the first answer

Your cooking sucks

maybe hes gay

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