Do it yourself baby shower ideas??!

Question: for centerpieces and guest favors and invitations

Answers: for centerpieces and guest favors and invitations

Favors are eazy. I've done this many times. Take a white napkin(the nice dinner napkins) and fold them like an old clothe diaper with 1 large pin in the front.Then open up and put candy or small items inside. Ladies love them.Invitations you can make with index cards and stickers or just buy. They have some really cute and inexpensive ones.Center piece use a large basket and fill with bottles,pampers,toys any baby thing.Take curling ribbon in baby colors and hang on and around basket.

For centrepieces I would either use simple stem vases with a few freesias (pretty and they smell nice) or if tall arrangements would interfere with chatting, use small rounded glass bowls with just the heads and a tiny amount of stem of large, overblown roses forming a nearly spherical arrangement. Then use nice card (check it fits in your printer) and print a simple invitation ((your name) invites (Their name) to her baby shower at (the time) on the (the date) (your address) (dress code and RSVP instructions), or write them out by hand. Cut into A6 sheets, stick a strip of ribbon that matches your colour scheme down the short side and add three small decorations (silk flowers, wire stars, paper hearts, card shapes(presents, balloons etc) etc) equally spaced along the ribbon. Guest favours can be something very easy (sugared almonds in your colour scheme in squares of net tied with the ribbon you used for the invitations), slightly more complex (an individual decorated cupcake in a small box in your colour scheme) or even small gifts (silk scarves, cashmere gloves, pretty writing paper, matching bracelets, nice bath things, posh food items), depending on your budget and the number of guests. If you are only inviting a few close friends, you could personalise the favours specifically for them. Hope you have a lovely time!

centerpieces- flowers in a vase, cute stuffed animals- you can find these at the dollar store, baby bottle filled with candy holding down a balloon, for lager table you can make a diaper cake- very pretty and it can be your gift to the new mommy
what is the theme? anything in particular- then try to find stuff to match- rubber duckies, toy trains, pretty flowers-whatever! there is so much stuff out there, even the dollar stores have a bunch of baby shower decorations now- check them out.
invitaions- search online for examples of wording. one very pretty way to make invites: go to the craft store or scrapbooking store and get some papers, get velum paper -it's the seethrough kind (they have really cute baby ones with the little pink or blue foot and hand prints on them) and get a solid color paper in either pink or blue to go underneath the velum paper, and get some thinner ribbon in pink or blue. you can make 4 invitations from each set of solid and velum sheets (so 20 invites you will need 5 of each paper- plus an extra incase you mess one up!) on your computer make your wording on Excel program so you can divide one page into four equal sections, leave about one inch of blank space towards the top when typing out the wording, and then print the wording ONLY on the velum papers (make sure you do some test pages to make sure the spacing is correct- print out and fold twice to make sure the folds all line up where you want them)- then cut the paper into four sections trimming a little bit extra from around the edges. then cut the solid colored paper into four sections. when you place the velum printed sheet on top you should have an equal border around the edge of the solid color showing. then take a hole punch and punch two holes at the top in the center pretty close together where you can tie a pretty ribbon to secure the papers together! Voila!!! Beautifull invites that people will think you paid a fortune for! pick up some small invitaion envelopes at Walmart- they are the cheapest there. pick up a cute baby stamp and pink or blue stamp pad and stamp on the outside of the envelopes for a pretty look!
party favors- if having a bunch of games where you know everyone will be recieving a prize, you shouldn't need to get any additional favors. but a nice favor would be a small candle (what woman doesn't love candles!) they have cute ones at Michael's in little travel tins that smell great. check around clearance areas in the stores to find some good stuff- it doesn't all have to be the same item, just whatever you find thats cheap and something you would like to recieve! you can put all the prizes and favors in a basket or a doll cradle or baby bassinette for a cute look!
if making a punch- put it in a baby bath and float a rubber duckie in it for great presentation (could be your centerpiece for the food table) and its another present for them mommy after the party!

Make a diaper cake for your centerpiece. They are easy, adorable, and also very useful after the party is over. I added a link below to get you started, but any cake can be customized to your particulat theme. I threw a shower for my best friend and it was a real hit. We had a chocolate themed shower, complete with a chocolate fountain, chocolate favors, and even chocolate invitations. The fountains are relatively cheap these days, about 40 - 50 bucks for a decent full size fountain. You can dip everything from fruit to marshmallows, to cookies, very delicious. For the favors, I bought chocolate molds and made individual bags for each guest. I used full size hershey bars as invitations. I added a link for those too. You can but custom ones pre printed, but they can be made beautifuly as well as cheaply on a home computer. Good luck.

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