What kind of food?!

Question: food should i have at my baby shower this weekend?????

Answers: food should i have at my baby shower this weekend?????

Finger Foods, cake, punch

cake, finger foods, peanuts, chips, possibly pizza

fondue is a good party snack

for a main dish, maybe some steak?

mashed potatoes

come on hunny your having a baby, whatever you desire!

cup-cakes- pink or blue, strawberries dipped in melted chololate or marshmallows- fruit salad, finger food- party pies, punch- in punch bowl,

congratz btw

Most of the baby showers I have been at has just had foods to snack on (chex mix, veggie tray) and cake.

I hope your doing the smell the diaper to see which candy bar it is as one of your games!

Have fun!

I love this

Chocolate fountain with the marshmallows, bananas, dried apricots, strawberries and generous portions of juicy green pickles.

Ice optional, but would totally rock!


Little sandwiches with curried chicken salad or ham and havarti cheese. Fresh fruits like grapes, raspberries, pinneapple. Lemonade and Iced tea to drink. Frozen fruit parfaits for dessert.

a bunch of appitizers.

Well, What do you like? You most certainly want to leave out foods that you have aversions to... I mean you know, it doesn't have to be finger food,I have a friend who has Lasagna at hers,It's all about the mama, your party. Plan around you. Veggies,fruits,sandwiches, or go crazy,grill hamburgers,steaks,potatoes, fondue, or have it catered if you don't want to do it yourself. Just make sure the cake isn't to sweet,I know i have to always scrape off the icing, woo.


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