Any ideas for an 7th grade party!!?!

Question: help!!

Answers: help!!

For Food:

Just have some plane American Food like burgers and pizza.

Have a cake shaped like a 7! You can choose what kind of cake you want.

Throw up some '7' decorations and have some of your favorite music playing. There you go!

well last year for my 7th grade party me and my friend had a conjoined party at our golf club house.
we has dancing, limbo, and lots of fooood!
the only problem was that since the guests were only 12 or 13, so not many of them would dance!
but some other ideas are a sleepover, a beach themed party, or party at your house and just invite a lot of friends and hang outtt!
thats always fun!
but good luckkk and i hope you likee have a good party!!

you could have a pool party at your house if you have a pool or rent a hotel room with a pool

you could also have a spa party (if your girly) do manicures and pedicures also do make up it is fun

or you could just have a traditional sleep over movies games and dance to awesome music

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