Having a party for my daughter?!

Question: what are some party favors i can give out ..
they are all goign to be teens ? thanks

Answers: what are some party favors i can give out ..
they are all goign to be teens ? thanks

Get stuff girls use to "get ready" at that age... what I did for my little sister was I went to the dollar store. I got a whole bunch of cute lipgloss, hair accessories, mini brushes, mirrors, yummy-smelling soaps, bubble bath, manicure sets, nail polish, little earring holders, as well as some candy... and instead of giving it to the girls as a loot bag which is more little-kid oriented, I got some makeup bags also at the dollar store and some puff-paint at the craft store and personalized the makeup bags. The girls LOVED it! Another good idea my mom gave me just now... disposable cameras. Each girl can take her own pictures.

just hand out lipgloss and stuff like that Report It

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  • oh please mom not party favors, I am so sorry mom, but no you got the wrong idea there, I think your child or teen would hate you, if you handed out party favors, Thats good for a 12 year old party but for teens noo, Take it from me i used to have a teen, and he laughed at me, and threw a fit, for party favors, He is now 21, and told me heck no, Soo dont do it, If you want to hand out something, ask your daughter, what do teens like?

    Well, if they are late-teens then I think you can give out bags of penny sweets 'cos they'd appreciate the irony and probably have a laugh.

    But if they're just teens then you'll have to go the other way 'cos they'll want to be grown up and taken seriously. A packet of fags? (I'm joking!)

    ask a avon rep, she will make up some sample makeup for you.
    and your teens+++ have her come over and do makeup classes for them.
    some girls can't put makeup on right or know how at the teen age.
    hope this helps.

    First of all what type of party is it? Go to www.orientaltrading.com. This is the best party supply/craft web store ever.

    Buy some lipglosses and find Avery labels small enought to fit the sides of the lip gloss and print a message on them.

    you can give out gift cards to Ralph's Italian ices for like $2 or $5 each!!!

    i would be embarrassed if my mom gave out party favors at my b-day
    my b-day was yesterday i turned 13
    and my mom said honey blah blah what kind stuff should i hand out im like nononono
    only if there is a theme
    and it would be weired if there was a theme lol
    no offense
    but thinking if ur rich
    and its like a birthday blowout
    hand out like perfume
    expensive stuff

    You can get custom printed personalized candy bars. They are only a buck or two each depending on which ones you decide to get.

    They are very nice and you won't have to worry about anyone not liking it, even your daughter. The wrapper will be a nice keepsake for her, too.

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