Am I tired of cooking the same old thing??!

Question: I am tired of cooking the same old thing. The only problem is that I am feeding a family of picky eaters. We mainly eat baked chicken, tacos, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, porkchops, and turkey chops. Got any different ideas?? Cooking is getting very boring!!

Answers: I am tired of cooking the same old thing. The only problem is that I am feeding a family of picky eaters. We mainly eat baked chicken, tacos, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, porkchops, and turkey chops. Got any different ideas?? Cooking is getting very boring!!

Try something different.

They like tacos? Get some pastry dough (ready made) cut it in squares to fit in a muffin tin and pre-bake them until they are almost done. You can also use Wonton wraps. Get a lb. of hamburger meat and brown it with 1 chopped sweet onion. Drain and add a package of ranch dressing mix (dry). Mix well and spoon some in the pre-baked shell and then gratedcheese, more meat and top with cheese. Put it back in the oven until bubbly.

Have shredded lettuce, tomatoes and salsa to top them with. Fun and different than the normal taco.

Next time you fry those pork chops, chicken or turkey chops make an egg bath with beaten egg, hot sauce and mustard. Dip them in the egg bath and then in seasoned flour. When the oil is hot (inserting a wooden spoon handle side down in the oil, the wooden handle will bubble around it) fry them up. The hot sauce will not ad a flavor and the mustard will allow these to fry to a golden brown. You will be pleased with the outcome. Mashed potatoes on the side and green beans.

Take those hot dogs and wrap them in pastry dough and put them in the oven. On the side have a salad. An easy one that they might go for since it has frito's in it is 1 can of mixed beans (drained) 1 can of light red kidney beans (drained) 1 can of garbanzo beans (drained). Add 1 bottle of French Dressing to the beans and when you are ready to serve add that bag of frito's corn chips. Awesome and those corn chips make those beans worth eating!

Get some good stuff in them by making a spaghetti salad. Cook the spaghetti as directed and drain. Add 1 bottle of Italian Dressing and 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped cucumber and 1 chopped green pepper. Dump in 1 bottle of McCormick Salad Supreme (in the spice section). Mix and enjoy.

Try something different with that baked chicken. I sometimes take mine and spray them with butter flavor cooking spray, I then roll them on seasoned flour and bake on a rack so they breath on both sides and they come out like fried, but baked.
I also always buy the big bags of frozen chicken breast at WalMart (their brand is just as good as the other). They always cook up juicy and tasty. I have never bought a chicken breast in the meat section that cooked up as juicy as theirs.

Chicken and Dumplings are always good. Get a Rotisserie Chicken and de-bone it. Add it to a pot and a large can of chicken broth. Whisk in 1 can of cream of chicken and herb soup (undiluted) and take a can of grands buttermilk biscuits and tear off bite size pieces and drop in as it comes to a slow boil. Let this simmer about 20 minutes to cook the biscuits. Perfect every time.

Make Macaroni and Cheese. Cook the elbow macaroni until it is almost done. Drain. Add to a bowl sprayed with non-stick spray and add 2 beaten eggs along with half and half or milk. Blend in grated cheddar cheese (mild or sharp) and mozzarella cheese. As much as you like. Cheese is always good for mac and cheese. Add some ham chunks and English peas. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix and finish adding milk or half and half until it reaches the top of the macaroni. Add bacon strips to the top and bake @ 375 for about 45 minutes to an hour (depending on how much you make). One dish meal!

Teach them how to eat fish. it is good for them and they need it every once in a while. Get some Tilapia. It has a good taste to it and it is easy to bake in the oven or pan fry (remember the egg bath I told you aout earlier). Good on fish too. If you fry it make them some little bite sized hush puppies to dip in ketchup. If you bake it squirt lemon juice on them and sprinkle them with dill weed. Or use your own seasoning technique. Make them some coleslaw on the side with peanuts in it. Kids like peanuts and they add a good twist to the boring coleslaw. For the coleslaw dressing get a 1/2 cup of mayo and add seasoned rice vinegar and sugar. Mix well and blend in with the slaw.

Get some more of those Grands biscuits and flatten them out. Spread some pizza sauce on them and let the kid's put their own toppings on. Ham, pepperoni, vegetables and pineapple. You might be surprised what they will pick out if given the chance.

I bet if you tried different things they may surprise you and eat different things. You can make them picky eaters by cooking the way you do and expecting them to eat the same all the time.

Good luck.

Let them look over this web-site with you. It not only has cookies, pies, fudge and cake recipes it has pages of main dish recipes along with vegetables. let them pick out what they want you to fix differently.

just feed them something yummy and healthy like dumplings

mmmm,,,,very healthy .

you should cook , spagetti and meatballs, chicken and brocoli with rice or with pasta. fettucini alffredo.

Try turkey meatloaf, use ground turkey instead of beef. If your family likes tacos try taco salads, my kids love building their own. Also hot dogs, put a little twist add some chili and cheese, make french fries and add chili and cheese to those too. That is my kids fav dinner. You can buy canned chili especially made for this and squeeze cheese in a plastic bottle. Hope this helps!

here is what i do once a week or soo i go to the tvfood network and pick a few meals and add them to my list you can work them in weekly or the weekends what ever you want its there

i wonder if your family will like exotic spicy food

check out youtube indian vegetarian cooking,

roti canai is great fun to make!
your kids might enjoy helping you cook them like this 5 year old!

my fav authentic malaysian recipes are at this beautiful site
below, the woman should start a restaurant

type a search at youtube "5 year old cooking roti"
and "roti canai at The Coconut Hotel"

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