Do we have to cook hot dogs before eating?Are they pre-cooked before they are sold in packs in grocerystore?!

Question: An uncooked hotdog out of the package is just another form of bologna. Yes it's safe to eat.

Answers: An uncooked hotdog out of the package is just another form of bologna. Yes it's safe to eat.

"Cooking" hot dogs merely warms them up. If you like them cold...chow down.

Pretty sure they're pre-cooked. I've eaen them without cooking them before, and i've felt just fine.

hot dogs are normally precooked. the package should say whether or not.

ok to eat cold..... with cheese in a tortia with ranch on it..... yum!

Most hot dogs are pre-cooked, just be sure to read the package.

They should say on the package if they are pre-cooked

there ready to eat out of the package you dont half to cook them

I ALWAYS COOK my hot dogs, usually in the oven. I never give my kids cold hot dogs but I have seen a lot of kids eat them that way. It won't kill you but I just think its better to cook them. They taste better anyway.

They are precooked. You don't have to heat them before eating but most people do.

They are precooked. Check the label.

when i was little that was the only way i would eat them

It's probably safer to cook them again. But I used to eat them cold all the time when I was little. Nothing beat a cold hotdog wrapped in a cold homemade tortilla! Hell yeah!

I've been eating cold hotdogs all my life.
Heating them does get some of the fat out though.

u can eat them right out of the pack
(IF u want)

they are precooked in the package. I know because i used to eat them right out of the package.

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