How to keep egg noodles soft and moist (not sticky)?!


How to keep egg noodles soft and moist (not sticky)?

I'm going to be having a dinner party in a few weeks. The main dish is goulash with egg noodles. But it's going to be served buffet style. How do I keep noodles warm, soft, moist, and not sticky in a buffet style dinner?

Thanks for the advice.


Answers: After cooking, run under cold water and toss in melted butter. Be sure and not over-cook. Oil or butter them. That will coat them so as to not stick together or fall apart as easily. Under cook them slightly before placing them out. You could also place them in a little water. After cooking the noodles, rinse them in cold water, then butter them. Keep them warm in a chafing dish or warmed casserole dish. use butter and a moist inducing chaffing dish As other people have said don't overcook them, they'll going on cooking while you try to keep them warm, and just toss them in a little butter. add some salt to the water, and keep them, in water for a while, like after you strain them, just keep em in a tad bit of water. In the goulash add some tomato sauce from a can, like the thick stuff Extra Virgin Olive oil or butter Don't use the widest ones, and toss with a little butter to hold for serving. There are special boilers for rice - they keep the rice warm and perfect for several hours -chinese, japanese people have all such one at home - this is the solution - you invite a chinese friend or just catch a hostage Just add some butter or olive oil but make sure it's served fresh right after it's boiled, just drain it and add some butter or olive oil then it will stay moist and not stick..b4 u open it up to serve..put a wet towel on top of the dish to keep it moist. (not touching it, just covering it) Add oil to them Once the egg noodles are tender,drain them and then rinse them in cold water.Drain well before adding to the mix.Just don't over cook them. drain well and toss with a little olive oil.

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