I'm cooking meatloaf and just realized i do not have oatmeal or bread crumbs. please help!?!


I'm cooking meatloaf and just realized i do not have oatmeal or bread crumbs. please help!?

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1 day ago
cereal? maybe rice krispies?

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cereal? maybe rice krispies? Any type of cereal that isn't super sugary or crackers. Crackers or chips will work. Use regular bread. Use a little milk if it is not "soggy" enough. It will make your meat loaf moist. Do you have bread? you can just crumple up a few pieces of bread. Or What about Croutons, just smash them up. You can use potato or carrot, an any other starchy vegetable for the binding you are looking for. If you boil the taters, and grate them in, you won't really taste it, but it will stretch plus bind nicely...so would cooked rice, although you'll see it, but you could just call it "porcupine" meatloaf, after the meatballs... If you have bread use it...if you have crackers use them.

nfd? a lot of meatloafs don't require bread at all. Use evaporated milk, onion soup mix and 1 egg. the meat will seem soft, but pour it in your loaf pan and it will come out fine. Hope that helps. You can use crackers too. I actually never heard of oatmeal in meatloaf. i use a box of stuffing! it is wonderful You can use crackers, bread, cereal (regular corn flakes) My dad's recipe for Meatloaf.

2 pounds of Ground Beef

2 eggs

1 envelope of Lipton Onion Soup mix.

Your Meatloaf guaranteed to be juicy and delicious. regular bread, crackers, unsweetened cereal, egg will work Extra chopped onion works GREAT at holding meatloaf together. I don't know who came up with the idea that meatloaf wont stick unless some kind of gunk is put into it. It's really the egg that does the trick anyway.
Have you ever madme meatloaf on top of the stove? It's great.

Take one and a half lbs of ground beef, a bunch of onion and an egg or two. Make one HUGE beef patty, put it in a big frying pan and fill with water half way up the meat. Slather ketchup on top of the whole thing and cook over medium heat. When it comes time to flip the patty, cut it in half first and flip it. Then slather the other side with ketchup. The ketchup soaks into the meat and flavors the water and grease, making a sort of delicious gravey. Each time you flip, slather on the ketchup. Sound gross? It isn't at all, It is FANTASTIC and it smells awesome. You won't want baked meatloaf ever again. It's weird, it doesn't taste like a plain hamburger at all, it tastes like awesome meatloaf. My special meat loaf

Use salsa instead of ketchup
Instead of cracker's or oats use crushed up taco chip's

When the meatloaf is almost done sprinkle with cheese Other options include crushed soda crackers or I've even heard of people using triscuits or shredded wheat. Cooked up leftover rice will also work. Stove top stuffing or crackers will work , as will non-sugared cereal like corn flakes. If you have croutons, just smash some up. If you don't have croutons, make some! Cut or break up the bread into crouton sized pieces and spread it out on a baking sheet. Then bake them at 350, just until they are dryed out, then break them up by pulsing them in a food processor a few times or placing them in a zip lock bag and crushing them.

By the way, if you want to season them mash up about three cloves of garlic with 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and half a teaspoon of kosher salt and toss with the croutons before crushing them. I will tell you what helps, Crackers and and regular bread crumbs are great, but if you have any stuffing or stove top stuffing.....man its wonderful. you will also get a flavor that is superb. Try it all you who read this. Stove top stuffing in your meatloaf. You will fall in love. probably propose to me online;) Rice krispies might work - but not sure if it will moisten.
We use instant rice if we don't have bread crumbs. Instant tapioca I do not use bread or other starches in meatloaf. They absorb the meat fat and make it less healthy to eat. But I don't have quarrel with those that do, because it is more tender and also tastier. You, can use flour, instant potatoes & refried beans in addition to the items other answerers have mentioned.

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