Is it good to boil vegetables?!


Is it good to boil vegetables?

I've heard that if you boil vegetables...the nutrients would be lost. Is this true or it it an old granny's myth?
What about keeping vegetables in the freezer? Would the vegies lose the nutrients again when we take them out to cook?

Answers: You do lose some of the vitamin content if you over-boil them but if you like to make your own gravy then use the veggie water to make it as it's very good and very tasty too. Steaming is a good healthy way to cook veg and you can buy inexpensive ones that are very efficient or of course you can steam the old fashioned way which does take longer. As for freezing veg you need to freeze them when they're as fresh as possible so try to freeze soon after buying or picking if you want to have a batch handy in the freezer. Some manufacturers of ready frozen veg e.g. Bird's Eye freeze when they are at their freshest so they say they contain the same goodness as if they were cooked from fresh. The microwave steam veg is very healthy and tasty and is very quick to prepare only takes a couple of minutes. Of course the best veg really to eat is raw but of course if you fancy a hot meal well then you have to cook them one way or another. Another healthy tip when cooking veg of course is if you like salt go easy on it, never salt the veg water and add salt to the food on the plate later, one advantage of using a steamer is that you're not supposed to use salt in the steamer so if you like salt you only sprinkle some on the food on your plate and then you can see more easily how much you're adding. It is true that boiled vegetables leech some of their goodness into the water they're being boiled in. A better option is to steam them. Keeping vegetables in the freezer does cause some nutrients to be lost, but not many. i think it would because the nutrients will evaporate Cooking carrot actually increases its nutritional value. If you boil veggies and then throw the water that you boiled them in then yes you will loose all the water soluble vitamins.

Not sure about the freezer question. Most of the nutrients would evaporate. Keeping veggies in the freezer preserves them depending on the kind of vegetable you have. Cook them in as little time as possible. You won't get the nutrients at all if you worry about this. Vegetables are our friends. Eat them however you need to prepare them. Of course carrots, spinach, almost anything can be eaten raw except for squash or potatoes! Some nutriants boil out, but steaming is better Try steaming them instead, at the end of the day vegetables are good however you cook them. if your worried about this when boiling vegtables, then drink the water you boiled it in! i know this may sound strange my mum told me about and and it tastes pretty good, especially with cabbage! Best to steam vegetables,not sure about freezing like fresh ones Steaming's best, though you can still have the nutrients by using the veggie water to make gravy. Steam instead It is true that if you boil vegetables they lose some of there nutrients, however that is when you overboil them. In restuarants chefs do what we call blanche the veg. You place your fresh veg in rapidly boiling water for a few minutes. That is enough to cook the veg, but still leave the crunch and all the nutrients. If you do over cook your veg, keep the water and use it in soups, or to cook other things in it as you will then consume the nutrients in other ways. It's alright to boil them, but don't over do it, and your veg tastes better if it's FRESH rather than frozen.

I don't have a freezer, nor do I want one - why do people "buy" fresh then freeze it ? The goodness goes, and ALL of that electricity!!!!!!!!!

Fresh is best.........every You definately lose some nutrients when boiling veggies. Don't think frozen veggies lose their nutritional value but fresh veggies just taste so much better!
Rather steam your veggies than boil. Or bake them with a dab of olive oil in the oven. Or strifry them.
There's some stuff I usually boil, green beans for instance, if I'm making mashed beans with onion and bacon. If not, I steam the beans as well. The most optimal way to cook them is steam in the microwave-since you use very lttle water few vitamins are lost. Steaming on stovetop is next best, then boiling and using the boiling water in something else or just drinking it.
Freezing is fine but the less time the better. Nutrients are leeched into the water, which is why the water is either drunk or used for making gravy, stock, soups etc., at least that's what 'granny' used to do.
The best way to cook vegetables to preserve most of the nutrients is to steam or microwave them as quickly as possible, or use a pan with a tight fitting lid and a little water, still making use of the water.
The same applies to frozen vegetables.
Don't drown your vegetables and don't overcook them. Boiling veg does loose some nutrients, but then make the gravy from the water.. That way you get them back again. Veg are perfectly fine frozen, in fact some veges like peas improve if first frozen.. I f you don't make the gravy from the water then save it for soups etc, or take it as a warm drink if you like it. Cabbage water is great,and very healthy, try it and see. Yes, steaming is best a lot of times, but some vegetables are simply better and or easier to boil. Brussel sprouts are better boiled. Steaming takes a long time and the vegetable seems to agree with hot water and tastes better after bathing in it. So it all depends on your taste (as in flavor), temperament (as in fussiness in cooking and health), and your preference.

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