Can you eat the skin from a jacket potato...and what is britians fave filling.....?!


Can you eat the skin from a jacket potato...and what is britians fave filling.....?

Im cornish-american,yes we have bake potato,but we don't eat the skin??? My cousin says it's the best bit, cooking them for lunch tomarrow....dose the microwave do it better or the oven....sorry so many questions one go! how long should i cook them for......any help !!!!!!

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it's a stove oven, solid wood

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ARGA it's one off them farmhouse things.

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it's a stove oven, solid wood1 day ago
ARGA it's one off them farmhouse things. Cook them in the oven for an hour and half. Wash first and stab them a few times with a fork. Cover with a little salt. The jackets will be lovely and crispy then. Microwave is no good for potatoes. Good fillings, Prawns with cocktail sauce, beans and cheese, chilli, whatever takes your fancy. Good Luck. the skin is the best bit - i like cheese, heinz baked beans and raw onion
and use the oven Defo eat the skin!!!!!!!!! Its the best bit - stick your tatties in the oven on full whack for about an hour and a half - i love baked beans and cheese on mine!! mmmmmmnnnn cant beat it!

ooh me and stewie are snap!! Of course you can eat potato skin. It is even used on it's own as an appitiser. Fillings are personal choice,but my personal favorite is coleslaw & sweetcorn.

I'm hungry now. Enjoy. Your cousin's right, the skin is the best bit! They do taste nicer done in the oven, but the microwave is fine too. In the oven you should cook them for about an hour, in the microwave about 10 -15 minutes. Don't forget to pierce them with a fork first.

My favourite filling is either prawn cocktail or cheese and coleslaw. A lot of people like cheese and beans too.

Good luck! Never cook a jacket potato in the microwave, it will make them rubbery. The skin is the best bit, it has all the vitimins and minerals. Pierce them with a knife and stick them into the oven for about an hour, depending on the size. Extra large will need longer.

Toppings I love are beans
Prawn mayo
coronation chicken
chilli..(my fave) Yes by all means eating the skins is OK,Fillings ask what they want ,Cooking depends on the size i just stab the biggest with a fork and try to lift it up if it falls it is cooked,Best in oven covered with foil. oh's the best!!!

my fave many...

they're my 3 favourites!!
yum....and even better when i've grown the potatoes myself !!!
time to dig up some more i think !'s ok to do them in the microwave - providing you pop them in the oven still to crisp up the skins !! skin is really good 4 u!
Personally i like tuna mayonaise (so sue me if i've spelt it wrong!!) full of omega oils :-) well, you can eat the skin of a potato if you scrubbed it before baking it...i dunno about the second part of your question, though. I think the skins meant to be good for you, i love it and my fav filling is cheese and beans. The skin is the best part and full of nutriants and vitamins, if you want a good crispy skin that tastes so Yummy, put them in the oven, gas 5 for 1 1/2 -2 hours. and a yummy filling is chilli con carne. Well providing you give the potato a little scrub first, then I also say the skin is the best bit of a jacket.

My fave filling is Cheese & Onion. The skin is the best bit and you have the perfect way of cooking them. Clean the skin of the potato, rub olive oil all over it and grind some rock salt over the skin. Pierce the potato in a few places and then put in your oven not wrapped in anything just on the shelf for about an hour or so until they have completely softened and the skin is crispy brown.

As for fillings, plain butter always nice
baked beans with or without cheddar cheese
cheese on it's own
tuna and sweetcorn in mayonaise
chicken breast and bacon in mayonaise
cottage cheese
whatever you like really but enjoy them and the skins Rachellie gave perfect directions for baking. Avoid the microwave.

The beans and cheese are a new one or me. Never had that in Texas. We tend to prefer sour cream, cheese and chives. I however love chili and cheese and sometimes when I want a simple treat I simply open the potato up and add soy sauce. Chopped barbecue brisket is great with cheese and sour cream on potato too! yeah you can, i love tuna, sweetcorn and a bit of mayonnaise yes eat the skin, make sure they are scrubbed clean and prick the skin with a fork, or knife.
I think the oven does them better, but depending on the size of the potato determines how long you bake them for. A medium potato takes about an hour.
But check them by squeezing, using a oven glove, if they give, they are done.
People will say to wrap them in tin foil, but I prefer not too, as the skin gets crispy cooked bare..

A real English filling is baked beans with cheese.
I like coleslaw and cheese and spring onion (aka scallions) You can eat the skin, it's the best bit and it's good for you. I like it with tuna, onion and mayo. The skin is defo the best bit, why on earth don't you eat it. Oven cooked is way better than microwave as the skin goes lovely and crispy. As for filling i like
Egg and mayo
Egg Bacon and mayo
Tuna sweetcorn and mayo
Cheese and Beans
Chilli con carni
Curry The skin is the best and most nutritional part of a baked potato, but only if prepared by you or someone you know. Don't eat the skin in a restaurant or cafe where you cannot be sure it has been cleaned properly.
Cheese and/or baked beans are best filling.
Do not cook in a microwave as the skin remains soft.
Rub with olive oil, roll on some salt, and bake in an oven, mark 7 for 40 minutes or until the skins are hard and crunchy.
Delicious Pierce the skins, wrap them individually in tin foil and bake in the oven for about an hour depending on their size.
You can eat the skin, I do and it's very nice. So many fillings to choose from. My fave is bolognese with grated cheese or tuna & sweetcorn with grated cheese.
Whatever you do, however you cook them, enjoy! You need to wash it well, but yes you can eat the skin, better still to have organic potatoes. Cook in the oven but I usually give mine five minutes in the microwave first. Fave fillings heinz beans and grilled bacon with a sprinkle of grated cheese Skin is the best bit!!! I love cheese and beans!!! Microwave until cooked and then ovenbake until skin is crispy!!!! off corse you can eat skins- best part especially if they are crunchy. i like with beans and cheese. making me hungry. too late to cook one maybe have one tommorrow - yum As long as the skins are baked well then filled with cream cheese and prawns mmmmm!!
cream cheese mmmmmm!!!
prawns mmmmmmmmmm!!


Duff Beer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... BEER!! Only use the microwave if it is a combi - then it will probably have a baked potato setting and will brown and crisp it for you.
Cooked in the Aga - rub the skin around with olive oil and a little salt rubbed in. Yep the skins the best bit. I wash and wrap each of mine individually in foil but first put a dollop of butter on them, cook for about a hour and quarter to hour and half depends on the size of the spuds, I like tuna with mayonnaise and salad on the side with mine. The skin is the best bit and perfectly OK to eat if you have washed the potao first. baked potaoes are best baked in an oven, most things taste horrible when they have been microwaved. Britains favourite fillings are probably baked beans, with or without cheese topping, or tuna with sweetcorn or something similar. Heinz have just launched a range of different flavoured baked beans for baked potatoes, they are thai, mexican, BBQ and italian flavoured so if you got allof them you could give your guests a choice. Good luck. Hello!

ABSOLUTELY you can eat the skin - especially if you cook the jacket potato in the oven, then the skin gets a little crisp and it's gorgeous. If you're short of time, wash the potato, pierce it several times with a knife or skewer, and pop it in the microwave for 10 minutes, turning half way through. Then put into oven for the skin to crisp.

Mind you, since you're lucky enough to have a wood fire, I'd wrap it in tin foil and bake it!
Favourite fillings: cheese baked beans and coleslaw, chilli, tuna mayonnaise and ,would you believe it, curry (not MY favourite)!! - Enjoy - fluropink you can eat the skin. that is where most of your vitamin and mineral base is in the potatoe. and you can cook in micro wave. depending on the size of the spud punch holes in all sides and both ends of spud, set micro wave on about 6&1/2 min and turn spud over and repeat process on about 3&1/2 minutes. try this it will turn out just as good as conventional oven but less time. by the way, i like mine with butter,salt,pepper, ranch dressing, bacon bits and cheese.

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