How to make coke slushies?!


How to make coke slushies?

i love coke slushies, like the kind at 7 11. does anyone know how to make them at home?

Answers: sure, i've done this by accident plenty of times. you need to freeze the coke in the freezer for a few hours. it needs to be half frozen. you take it out and wa-la, frozen coke. if you leave it in there too long, you have to leave it out for a couple hours so it can halfway thaw out.

and no, you don't need anything special to do this. they have a chemical that works with the coke i was told You get a cup, you put a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, then you pour coke over it and TA DA!!!!!!!! a coke slushie =] ooo wait i was thinking of a coke float. woopsies ur talking about a coke slushie. OHHH OKAY. lol thats easy. All you do is get shaved ice and pour coke over it and TA DA!! a coke slushie! but in order to make shaved ice you need like a slushie machine where you put ice cubes in it and it shaves itt... woah you're making me want a coke slushie..good thing I bought that mickey mouse slushie machine at the disney store!! haha Freeze coke in the freezer for a little while and then put it in a blender for a few seconds. no CommonSense has got it. You basically want to freeze a coke in the freezer for a tiny bit. You should use a can, or a 20 oz and take the first sip out of it. You want to do this so that it does not explode if you over freeze it. I'd check on it in 15-25 minutes. It shouldn't take more than a half hour. And if you sip it throughout that's not a bad thing because you do want it to be stirred a tiny bit. Also, if you have a Frosted glass to pour the coke in that will help keep it freezing in the glass.

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