How long should I boil chicken drumsticks before BBQ'ing them?!


How long should I boil chicken drumsticks before BBQ'ing them?

That about sums up my question. They are of normal size. Just wondering how long I should have them on a rapid boil.

Don't. Season the drumsticks and grill until about 3/4 cooked through. Then start slathering on your sauce. Double basted is best.

I couldn't tell you, I have always cooked them on the grill low heat, turning every five minutes. Then I put the barbecue sauce on it toward the end of grilling. I've never boiled before putting on grill.

Why are you boiling them? You don't need to. But, if you want to then just boil them for 10 or 15 minutes then put on grill until done.

Boiled chicken? Mmmm. I suggest you wrap them in foil and roast them for 20 minutes at 180C (350F) - and then finish them off on the barbie. The key is that when you stab them with a fork, you don't see anything red dribbling out.

you should never boil chicken before grilling, boiling will sap out all the meats flavor.

no meat really needs to be boiled before you bbq it all you really have to do is marinate it,
if you have a really tuff cut of meat all you have to do is add about half an onion and 2 garlic cloves to your marinade blend them together in a blender, pour over your meat and let is soak in covered in the fridge for about an hour.

the jucies and enzymes from the onion and garlic will tenderize the meat while it soaks up the flavors of your marinade.

Don't boil them - that will cook out the flavor. Put them on the grill low heat - season them or use BBQ sauce. Cook slow till the're done all the way thru.

I never boil the chicken. I would recommend some seasoning and bake it in the oven for maybe 20 minutes at about 350. Then throw it on the grill and finish it off. If you're using BBQ or a glaze, wait until the very end before appling. If you put it on too early it will burn.

dont just season them before you do

Boiling before barbecuing? YUKKO!!

Where did you get the idea to boil them??? Don't. You may want to marinade for 30 min - 8 hours before grilling, But don't boil them.

You should par-boil your chicken before BBQing.....
par-boil means to boil till almost fully cooked......... 15 to 20 min. is a good amount of time. When you par-boil your chicken add onion & celery chopped........ Do not throw this broth away........... can be used in other recipes..... I put a couple other pieces of chicken in when I par-boil for BBQing.
continue cooking the other pieces take the chicken off the bones when fully cooked......... you can then make chicken soup from this broth or it can be frozen and used at a later time.

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