How to stop roast potatoes sticking to roasting tin?!


How to stop roast potatoes sticking to roasting tin?

Don't - they're the best bits.

Use a non-stick pan, or shake them occasionally.

steam them for an hour first

Get the wife to cook them.

Part boil your potatoes and then put them into the tin when they are still hot and the 'fat/oil' in the tin is really hot. Make sure that you turn them after about 20 mins........ usually works for me :)

Line your pan with foil, give a shot of non stick spray and enjoy--clean up is way fast and twice as easy, same results, good taters.

oil the pan, first


in a bowl drizzle a little oil, s + p over them before you put them in the pan..

Baste them a bit more often. But I agree that the stuck on bits are the best.

Spray the pan with Pam or some other baking oil spray

You have to use EVOO to coat them, and turn them about every 15 minutes

I drizzle with olive oil, then spread it to all the corners, or you can use a nonstick spray like Pam with olive oil.

there the best bits but if u do just use moreoil , or line the pan with cling film !

Get a non-stick pan

Buy a non-stick tin or put some coarse sea salt in the bottom.

rub butter and olive oil lightly to pan. It never fails to keep my pans from taking my food. Also lightly salt the pan before adding the potatoes.

Use a non stick pan and turn them half way through cooking, it always works for me.

Par boil for 10 mins & then drain the water off. while in the pan sprinkle with plain flour put the lid back on & shake the pan. Then empty into a hot roasting dish with olive oil & garlic cloves, cook on a high heat until golden & crispy. Taste fantastic

use a non stick pan!

part boil first..drain them back in saucepan add a little butter shake the spuds to cover them in the butter place in roasting in place in oven...hay presto nice crispy spuds that dont stick

Use paper bake on the base of your roasting tray.

Par boil your potatoes before putting them in the tin, make sure they are dry and if you like your roasts fluffy and crunchy, shake them to roughen the outside first. I also use Goose fat as you don't need much, ensure the fat is hot first. Turn them a couple of times as they cook.

just aply anti stick graisse like butter or oil

Par boil your potatoes first. Toss around a little in a colander to rough up the sides. Roll in flour (add seasoning to the flour if you like). Melt some lard in your pan (until really hot). Add your potatoes to the hot lard and cook turning occasionally to brown evenly.

Proper roasties always stick to the bottom of the pan. Use bacofoil or the like. They will still stick, but not make a mess of your pan. But I agree, they are the best bits. Spraying with crud - as suggested - just kills the natural taste of roast spuds.

not sure really, but you could try sticking a bit of tin foil in the roasting tin

Either buy a non-stick baking tray or line the pan with greaseproof paper or tin foil, but make sure the pan is really really hot before you put the spuds in.

Don't cut the potatoes too small.

Parboil them first, drain and roll around in the boiling pan to make the edges fluffy. Sprinkle over mustard powder and season. Shake again and add a little more mustard. Quickly tip into the roasting pan and drizzle with oil; or duck fat if you have any. Lard's naughty but good if accompanying roast beef. :-)

Whichever way, get them back into the hot oven a.s.a.p. - blast them really high for 15 minutes, take out and baste - turning them over. Turn down to hot and baste every 1/4 hour, turning each time.

Done in an hour - if you're using a non-stick pan use wooden kitchen spatulas. A pastry brush for basting is far easier than a spoon.

Hope this helps.

boil them first,then put in a sieve,cover with a cloth and give them a good shake..(floured) they will now be fluffy round the edges? now cook in goose fat....yummy scrummy?

use foil and drizzle with oil!trust me it works!!!

Make sure the oil/fat is spitting hot when you put in the spuds, cook on high heat, with a whole head of garlic in the same pan. The taters will be crisp and good, the garlic will pop out of the skin with a small squeeze but will burn your fingers, never mind, the taste is worth the pain................

if you par boil the potatoes, drain it and then drizzle some olive oil and give it a shake in the pan, then line your roasting tin with some olive oil and then stick your potatoes in, sprinkle some seat salt and rosemary. perfect!!!

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