Can you open a can of biscuits, take out a couple, and save the rest?!


Can you open a can of biscuits, take out a couple, and save the rest?

I am seriously cravin some biscuits, but I don't want to cook eight of them.. can you save the rest in a baggie or something? lol

Yes, you can. Wrap the remaining uncooked biscuits very tightly in plastic wrap, and store them in your fridge. Do NOT freeze the uncooked dough (the packaging even tells you this). If you freeze the dough, it will never rise later when you bake it.

Another thought: bake all the biscuits at the same time, and eat however many you want. Wrap the rest in plastic, and freeze them. Once baked, they'll freeze just fine.

i tried to do this but u leave them there 4 awhile and they get ugly so u should probally store them away

You are probably better off cooking them all and them freezing the cooked ones...(though I have never done that)...of start buying the individually sealed biscuits...Those are available now...

yeh..but the next time you bake them they wont rise. U should try pillsbury buscuits..they now come in 2 packs

You can save them by putting them in the freeze.

i have never had any luck doing that. i would cook them all and store the uneaten ones in the fridge. i can't recall the brand name, but there are some that come in smaller portions. personally, I'd rather not have to heat up my oven for 2 biscuits.

I would suggest this:

Bake them all.
Then, with the unwanted ones -
Just layer them between sheets of waxed paper, place in a freezer bag or plastic container, label, seal and freeze. These will keep for up to 3 months. It’s easy to remove one or more and reheat by either placing them in a 300 degree oven for about 10 minutes, or by microwaving them on 50% power.

Good luck, hope I helped!

Take out the ones you want to cook, then take the rest in put them into freezer bags. Make sure to either put them between wax paper or dust them with a little flour and place them separate from each other so they don't stick together. Serve the rest with butter and some jam. Dang know you got me wanting a biscuit. I am on my way to Popeye's anyone care to join lol!

Yes. You need to freeze the rest of the biscuits that you are not using. You want to wrap them individually in cookie sheet paper first (or they'll stick together). Then place them in a freezer zip lock bag.

You can't save them for a long period a couple of days at the most

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