Hamburger Patties?!


Hamburger Patties?

I have some hamburger patties already made and frozen, that I bought from wal-mart. What else can I do w/ them besides make hamburgers? Could I thaw them and use them for ground beef?

Aside from the fact that most frozen patties are hardly "ground beef" most include soy powder (sometimes called "vegetable protein" etc) bread crumbs, vegetable oils etc., the other problem is that when you thaw the patty and try to turn it into ground beef, it will come out all mushy.

Best thing to do, as has already been suggested, is eat them like a Salisbury steak with fried onions and mashed potatoes, or grill them, cut them in half and make a taco by putting the halves in tortillas with some cheese, lettuce, avocado, salsa etc! My family all just love "hamburger tacos!" (We live in Mexico City......)

I don't see why not.

you can use them for tacos

Yep, the only difference between them and any other ground beef is that they have been formed into patties.

You could, but it won't turn out how you'd like it to. A friend of mine tried the same thing for tacos and it wasn't happening.

Sure. Or make meatballs. Or meatloaf.

yes... you can really do whatever you need to do with them. Let them thaw, and then they can be chopped up and used as ground beef, or mushed back together and used for a meatloaf.

Sure, I do it all the time.

Sure, you can use the patties for ground beef. Make some taco meat or cook the meat and put it in a spaghetti sauce.

I think you should be able to thaw them and use as ground beef. The texture may not be the same as regular ground beef. I would look at the ingredient list on the box and see what else is in the patties besides ground beef. You could let them thaw and shape them into "steaks" and have hamburger steaks with gravy and onions. You could chop them up to make tacos, chili, sloppy joes, spaghetti, or even a beef stew.

of course, you can use them for anything

Yep, you can also cook them in beef gravy and add some mushrooms, there's all kinds of stuff you can do with them. Check out the website below...

You could use them in any place where you could use ground beef. It's just shaped like a hamburger, there's nothing else that could prevent it from being used as normal ground beef.

I think I would go ahead and cook them, then put them through the food processor until they were the consistency I like, then season for whatever use you have.

Probably, but I would take them and put them on a George Foreman grill. they're very fast and yummy.

Hazel Rose

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