Is it ok to put my chef's knife in the dishwasher?!


Is it ok to put my chef's knife in the dishwasher?

I've always been told it's bad to put my chef's knife in the dishwasher. Is it really that bad???

Anything that might dull a knife by causing it to bump against other objects is bad. Fine knives should be hand-washed and not kept in a drawer, but in a block. Also, the wooden handles on fine knives will eventually be ruined.

Never use a sharpener that grates the blade against other metal. Only ceramic sharpeners, synthetic or natural stones, and the sharpening steel should be used with good knives. Never, never use a high-speed grinding wheel. Nothing can ruin a knife faster.

73 years of experience and a pretty good cook

It will ruin the wood in the handle and I would venture you would expose the blade to unwanted contact with other items.

It's a bad idea! If the knife has a wood handle, the high temperatures can cause it to warp and crack. Also, you don't want the knife blade scraping against the racks and other dishes - it will compromise the quality and sharpness of the blade.

If it has a rosewood handle its not a good Idea....And can actually dry the handle out. When my knife handles got dry I would rehydrate and seal the wood occasionally by spraying them with spray oil (not wood oil as they contain hazardous chemicals).

Also its against safety regulations, if someone does not see the knife on the rack and goes to remove dishes a nasty accident may occur. Not good for occupational safety.

If the handle is not wood, it's fine, just be sure to lay the knife on the top rack, blade down, so it doesn't rub against anything. Anything with a wood handle should not go in the dishwasher.......but I put wooden spoons in all the time and they come ouf just fine. Of course, I can replace wooden spoons much cheaper than my expensive knives with wood handles.

Wash it by hand...If it is a very good delicate knife...

Knives with WOODEN handles should NOT go into the dishwasher, as it undermines the rivets. All others can be laid flat on the TOP rack and sanitized in the HOT wash.

My other half has "Global" knives, I think he would kill me if I put them in the dish washer, he washes them by hand.

It's not recommended, whether or not your knife has a wooden handle. It's the blade and the metal. It's just as quick to wash it by hand, just to make sure your knife lasts as long as you do.

It is a very bad idea, the high heat for the fasher and heated dry dull the blade faster then anything else.
Wash it by hand

If you have chefs knives you know what you paid for them,don't risk anything happening to them.Just hand wash them then dry and put away.I never take a chance on mine...

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