What happens if you bake a cake without eggs?!


What happens if you bake a cake without eggs?

I'm making a White Cake from a Duncan Hines mix. It calls for 3 egg whites but I don't have any eggs. Is there anything I can substitute egg whites for? What would happen if I baked it without eggs?

the cake will crumble if you don't use eggs. my mom used to substitue cream of tartar, but I don't remember if it actually helped. but one thing's for sure, it couldn't be worse than not using anything -good luck. PS: have you asked to borrow some from a neighbor?

w/out eggs, it will just lyk.....b all powdery n taste lyk crap. just go buy eggs

Use 100ml coca-cola. Try it.

mayonaise and it will be really moist so use about 2 tblsps . and be carefull and dont let the cake burn . good luck .

It won't be as moist.

I think the eggs hold it together. You'd best go buy some eggs!

It probably won't taste as good.

You can add 2 tablespoons mayo for the moisture but the cake just won't rise up as well without eggs.

Don't bake it without eggs. That is the leavening of the cake. In bread, we use yeast. That's what makes it rise and gives it it's airy texture. Otherwise, you're going to have more like a giant sold mass, like a tortilla, only it will be too thick to cook completely through and you'll have to throw it away.
Don't try to bake a cake without eggs.

Without eggs your cake will not stick together, because that is the only purpose of the eggs is to make it stick.

won't work ...get some eggs or egg substitute in a carton.

instead of eggs in vegan recipes you use mashed banana instead to bind the ingredients.

without egg,it will come out hard dry and fall apart

i think it will not fluffy without eggs, you can try soda-bicarb, instead, just a pinch...

but if its a ready pack always make as advised..

It will be dense and flat, maybe even hard. You really need eggs for cakes. You can get away without them for a lot of things, but not cakes.

Awwe, I feel bad that people are touting this misinformation, but it's not their fault. If you want an egg-free recipe that is easy with oil, sweetener, flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and vanilla, let me know. Eggs do not cause cakes to rise, nor hold them together. They add fat, which oil can do just as well. The person who suggested mayo was right, but you can also try a flaxseed and water mixture.

Last year for my daughter's science experiment, she baked 3 cakes.. one regular, one without oil and one without eggs. The one without eggs was awful. It didn't rise properly and tasted disgusting. We even had trouble getting it out of the pan even though we sprayed it with Pam! Please buy the eggs so your cake will turn out properly. I made a DH white cake today too and it turned out perfect. I used their white chocolate almond frosting and am topping it with berries.

I have made cake without eggs before. A lot of people don't eat eggs, so of course there are alternatives.

Anywho, before when I made it without eggs I used vinegar and baking soda.

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