How Long Does It Take Until Water Turns Into Slush?!


How Long Does It Take Until Water Turns Into Slush?

I'm currently freezing some flavored water into the freezer because my younger sister wants to sell some the following day.If I added toothpicks as soon as I put them into the freezer,they would automatically fall down so I'm waiting until they turn into slush so the toothpicks have some sort of support.How long does this usually take??

Also,I have a bonus question for some extra brownie points...

...How do you pronounce the word,"Salmon"? My father has always pronounced it the way it is spelled however I corrected him by saying the correct way to pronounce it is "Samon".Who is correct?

I assume you're using something like icecube trays to freeze the water in, right? Put a piece of tinfoil over the tray, and poke the toothpicks through the tinfoil. The tinfoil will hold the toothpicks up while the water freezes.

Regarding salmon:

salm・on /?s?m?n/ Pronunciation Key - [sam-uhn]

Many popsicles made in my youth.

I think it's Sal-men? But I could be worng.

Depending on the temperature setting on your freezer, it will probably take about 30 minutes for the water to get a thin layer of ice on top.

I have never heard anyone pronounce the "L" in "salmon". says it's pronounced "sam-uhn". Your dad is probably getting it confused with the bacteria "salmonella," which is pronounced "sal-mon-el-a".

It takes 20-30 minutes to turn to slush and it is pronounced Samon.

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