What are the orange ball things on top of sushi rolls?!


What are the orange ball things on top of sushi rolls?

Just wondering.

Roe - Fish eggs. Generally, flying fish, smelt, and salmon roe are available in all sushi restaurants. "Roe" is a generic name.

**The roes are**
Ikura (ee-koo-rah) - salmon roe. (FYI, Ikura means ‘How much?’ in Japanese) The word Ikura is shared with the Russian word “Ikra” meaning salmon roe.

Kazunoko (kah-zoo-noh-koh) - herring roe, usually served marinated in sake, broth, and soy sauce, sometimes served raw, kazunoko konbu.

Tobiko (toh-bee-koh) - flying-fish roe, red and crunchy, often served as part of maki-zushi but also as nigiri-zushi commonly with quail egg yolk (uzura no tamago) on top uncooked.

Masago (mah-sah-goh) - capelin (smelt) roe, very similar to tobiko but slightly more orange in colour, not as common as tobiko in North America (though often caught here). Capelin, shishamo, is also served grilled (after being lightly salted) whole with the roe in it as an appetizer.


Caviar (fish eggs) Usually salmon - watch the beginning of Finding Nemo and you'll see...

roe (fish eggs)

roe-- fish eggs

Those are fish eggs ("roe").

not caviar, which is from a sturgeon, it is fish roe.

Roe, otherwise known as fish eggs. They are usually salmon.

They are small orange fish eggs.


Most likely it is Fish eggs. The orange variant is from Salmon.

cavier ,fish eggs.they pop with juice in your mouth.

its fish eggs but dont worry its healthhy and doesnt taste like anything! so its best if u eat it instead of putting it in the trash!lol!

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