Why are my pancakes so thick?!

Question: Why are my pancakes so thick?
Whenever I make pancakes, they turn out SUPER thick. Like, maybe half an inch tall. Why is this?


How thick your
pancakes are depends on how much water you add to the mix. Try adding just a tiny bit more water and they will turn out thinner. Try not to overdo it though, a little too much water and they will be super runny!

Making pancakes myself!

Two things impact thickness

1) The viscosity(thickness) of the batter can be controlled by adding more liquid (usually milk) or by using more or less egg. My recipe calls for 1 or 2 eggs per 1 1/2 cups flour. I usually use one.

2) The amount of leavening agent (normally baking powder although baking soda is used for buttermilk pancakes).

If you like them thinner, I suggest using the lower amount of egg (if your recipe gives this as an option) and then using slightly more milk.

Too thick batter. Add the required liquid. Also, when you put the batter on the pan, you can sort spread it out a little with a quick circular motion on the batter. That you don't have a big glob just sitting there cooking.

either your putting too much batter into the pan or your putting too much flour into the mix and not enough water/milk.

make sure the batter is what it is supposed to look like and the consistancy is right.

You add too much batter when frying
You have to put in a little because it expands when frying
Also, maybe you use too much flour

Try adding a little more liquid (milk or water) to the batter..

Not enough liquid in your batter... I would add more milk or water to make a pourable batter.

Thin out the batter with a bit of milk. It's a consistency thing.

maybe too much batter?

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