How many potatoes would I roughly get in 1kg?!

Question: How many potatoes would I roughly get in 1kg?
Jersey Royals if that makes a difference:)


Of course it makes a difference are small.

Maybe about thirty little potatoes

About four baking potatoes.

How big are they on average ,also what is the fibre density and rate of water retention,are they washed and rubbed or straight from the soil to bag,which supermarket are you buying them from,apparently you get extra on a Sunday at some.Do they come here by boat or plane,the airfreight ones can shrink in the cold air so will be smaller the boat shipped ones suffer less stress and arrive in pristine conditions.

variety doesn't matter but size of each potato sure does.
You can get some the size of a small babies head and some the size of walnuts.
There is simply too many variables to give an intelligent answer.
A rough guess would be 3-5 potatoes, depending on size.

Is it important?

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Between 4 and 6

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