How to get rid of thunder thighs?!

Question: How to get rid of thunder thighs?
I really want to get rid of my thunder thighs. I do know that specific spot reduction is impossible, but I pretty much want to lose fat from my whole body. I'm just more strict on my legs/thighs. My stomach is pretty fine, it's just the legs I'm worried about. Don't say liposuction or surgery! I just want so workout/exercise tips on how to lose my "thunder thighs". No, I will never get used to my big legs.
I think I have thunder thighs because of my genes. My mom also has them, but to think about it. She doesn't really exercise... Is it true that I can't lose fat because of my genes?
-So all in all. I just wonder if you have some exercise tip on how to get rid of thunder thighs.
Thank you!


The majortity of us know that we need to lose that extra weight. Just think of the health advantages and your attractivness. Here is something to think about, if one is 14 pounds ( One Stone) overweight, then you are carrying the same of a 14 pound baby around with you all day and every day. So stop hesitating about it and take plans NOW. The longest journey starts with the first step.
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