What Can I Cook With Goose Eggs?!

Question: What Can I Cook With Goose Eggs?
Mum was just asking, what could she cook with them? Can you cook, fry or poach them?


You can do anything with goose eggs that you would do with chicken eggs. There is a slightly different taste, but you wouldn't notice it if you didn't know.

Hope I could help you.

My own experiences. :)

Goose Eggs are quite useful in baking, there are many good recipes out there on the internet: just Google goose egg recipes.

Here's one I'm found off.

Chocolate Brownies


* 1 goose egg
* 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 4 oz plain flour
* 7 oz plain chocolate
* 7 oz butter
* 6 oz chopped walnuts
* 9 oz caster sugar


Before we begin preparing the brownie recipe, preheat the oven at 350o F. In a bowl, melt the butter and chocolate by placing over a pan of hot water (low heat). You can also melt it in the microwave. Take a separate bowl, mix the goose egg and caster sugar properly. A second bowl will be needed to sift the flour in and add to the egg mix. Stir the ingredients completely and make sure there are no crumbs. Once the chocolate is cool enough, mix it in with the egg and flour, and get a smooth dough. Mix in the chopped walnuts now and beat everything properly. Place the mixture in a pre-lined tin and place in the oven for about half an hour at 350o F. Once the brownies are ready, let them cool down a bit, and then make small square to serve.

When they are in season I have one as a treat on a Sunday morning boiled for ten minutes and with toast. Otherwise an omelette is a lovely way to cook them. I says in the paper this morning that Waitrose are going to start stocking turkey eggs so thats something else to try. Goose eggs are great in sponge cakes as well.

Sausage or hashbrowns You can cook or fry them.

Use them as you would hens eggs, make a bacon, mushroom & cheese omlette.

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