what can i cook with these ingredients?!

Question: What can i cook with these ingredients?
I have left overs and i want to make something out of these items (not all have to be included) but i only have these items.
filo pastry 12 large sheets
corn kernels
1 chicken breast
a few shoots of spring onion
fresh flat leaf parsley
cheese (1/2 a small block)
black olives
sundried tomatoes

extra items that are in the pantry are
rice, most spices, most condiments (dressings soy sauce etc.)


Shred the cheese. Mix it with minced chicken, the corn, parsley and minced spring onion. Mince the sundried tomatoes and olives, add a little cream to moisten it. Cut the large filo sheets into 4 pieces to fit into a mini cupcake pan. Brush them with melted butter and place 2-3 buttered layers into each cupcake spot. Fill with the chicken mixture. Bake until the cheese melts.

If your sundried tomatoes are in oil, drain and chop. If they are hard, soften in water before mincing.

Hope that helps. IF you had only had eggs as well you would have been able to make a wonderful quiche.

Im a vegetarian so i maybe only see what you can do with everything non-omni, okay with the filo you can probably make something like a baked fillo lasagna thing! I don't know much about greek food, but look something up about spanakopita or a non dessert baklava, Such as instead of spinach you could sautee the corn, spring onions, parsley, and make something of the milk cream and cheese and add the black olives and sundried tomatoes! also adding the spices and stuff will probably help! Please don't use meat and the cheese!! Ugh, i'm such a vegetarian...................

mah brain!! lol

Boil up a cup of rice according to directions.
Sauté chicken breast, until no longer pink.
Cook 1 tbsp flour in 1 tbsp oil or butter.
Whisk in a cup of milk, until thickened.
Place cooked rice in casserole dish.
Dice chicken & spread over rice.
Spread corn over chicken & rice.
Chop green onions, black olives, & tomatoes.
Spread vegetables over chicken & rice.
Sprinkle with poultry spices: parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme.
Top with grated cheese, &/or phyllo pastry.
Bake at 400F for 20-30 minutes until bubbly & golden.

do you have pasta???

cook chicken salt and peppar and oil in pan (brown)
cut it up into small bite size pieces

cook pasta

chop sundried tomatoes, black olvies, parsley, spring onion
set aside

make a rou----tbsp of butter tbsp of flour (wisk together and cook on med-high for a minute in a pan til flour taste is out.) add half cup milk and half cup cream salt and peppar to the rou. create a cream sauce. add the chopped sundried tomatoes black olives, parsley and spring onion and chicken
add pasta to sauce

and done!

no pasta? use rice

Just throw it all together and see watcha get.

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