things to make with canned chicken?!

Question: Things to make with canned chicken?
what are some good ideas of different things to make with canned chicken? I'm tired of just the old 'pasta, meat, cheese, veggies' routine. Not really a fan of cold salads or pasta dishes.


I've never heard of canned chicken? Lol but my latest favorite chicken dish is tomato baked chicken. It's so easy and so lush! Use a tomato cooking sauce, you can make your own but I just use a jar of pasta sauce.. Add some chopped onions, baby tomatoes, bit of garlic and some fresh basil, bake in the oven and serve with rice :)

Canned chicken makes the best chicken and egg noodles. However, since you don't like pasta. Try chicken tacos.

Chicken salad sandwiches. Drain the chicken and mix with some mayo and a little pickle relish. Spread on toasted Italian bread to make sandwiches..

Cream of chicken soup, served with grated cheese and seasoned croutons or crusty garlic bread.

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