Have any veggie side dish Ideas?!

Question: Have any veggie side dish Ideas?
Alright, I want to make a quick vegetable side dish for myself and all I have in terms of veggies are cherry tomatoes, carrots, onions and mangetout (which from what I can tell are peas in the pod). I have various other non-veggie ingredients in my kitchen as well. So, any suggestions?


I would just par-boil the carrots to get them a little tender, and then in a pan with butter or olive oil saute the peas and carrots together with a little salt and pepper until the peas are just tender/crisp.

I find vegetables are at their best when you don't do too much to them. It's the way nature intended.

Good luck!

My step mum makes this gorgeous carrot salad, its simply grated carrot in white wine vinigar and some seeded mustard, tastes wonderfull!! you could also make bombay potatos? quick simple and great along side an indian style dish :)

Saute the mangetout, carrots and onion in olive oil. Very good...

String Beans, Lima Beans.

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