So much to cook and only one oven!!! Help!!!?!

Question: So much to cook and only one oven!!! Help!!!?
I have a party this saturday and i have hesps of party food that needs to be cooked in the oven how can i keep the other food warm why more is cooking? Thanks


When ovens on I have an open pipe i guess u call it on top of stove.I keep things warm well the ovens in use there.Like a pot or & pans cause when stoves still on I can actually cook a pot of vegetables while not turning the burner/burners on.It work great.Pot/pans on top of burners while ovens on ok? I also use a big pan/pot w/lid to keep things warm as well.When the meats done & resting & ovens off, I put the other things that need to keep warm in oven.Meat takes 15/20 of resting.Everything comes out perfect, if timings good.I would help u but I didn't get an invite.Perhaps next time huh? What did Julie Child say in ending her show i 4-got.Well I say that 2 u..
Have a good 1~

Use a crock pot for the chili or other moist casserole, get a rice cooker for rice, Use a double boiler and or a steamer to keep various layers hot.

Lasagna and other pastas can use 15 - 20 minutes out of the oven in order to let the cheese re coagulate. A large joint of meat needs to rest 20 minutes as well - cover it tightly with foil to keep the heat it. If you use crockery bakeware it will hold its heat longer.

If you have a cooler box - like the one you take to the beach in the summer full of ice, sodas and cold goodies you can use it to keep food hot. Find out which casserole dish fits in there with a bit of room to spare and then line the bottom or the cooler with a beach towel and then when the casserole is out of the oven you can cover it with foil and put it on the beach towel in the cooler and then when the next dish is ready, use a smaller cookie sheet as a cover for the bottom casserole and then you can have it all layered and protected in there. We once used a cooler to hold baked potatoes, right out of the oven.... just make sure that you have cleaned and washed out the inside and the outside of your cooler before and after you use it.

Heat up your plated in the dishwashing machine on a hot rinse cycle then they will help to keep the food warm too.

Use a fondue pot for a sauce, use the microwave for your glass pie plates, etc.

AND last but not least borrow the neighbours oven... or have some of your guests bring a hot dish.

AND you can serve salads instead of vegetables and starches. When I have a large group over I make a salad bar of 6 types of salads and then the hot dishes are the meats/proteins/sauces

Potato salad
Greek Salad
Pasta Salad
Rice Salad
Fruit Salad
Grain Salad
Green Salad or Coleslaw


If you post your menu we can help you a lot more. It depends on what you are going to make wich order it needs to be in, and what can be made a head of time and then held in the crock pot or simply reheated 10 minutues before ti is served.

Use a couple of crock-pots for the items that can be cooked and/or served in those. Also, use the warming drawer in your oven if you have one.

Southern girl!

Ask your neighbor to let you borrow his oven.

bbq!!!!!!!!!!!! borrow ovens 4m ur neighbours and have a lawn partay!!!!!!!!!!

I have done if you let us know what it is you are making we can help you more...................

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