How to put out a fire on a toaster oven?!

Question: How to put out a fire on a toaster oven?
I have a bad habit of leaving things in the oven or near kitchen appliances while they are on. Iv set fire to a oven mitt ( stove top) a newspaper ad ( toaster) and come close to setting random items on fire on top of my toaster oven ( which is what prompted this question!) (( I was heating up some chicken tenders in the counter top toaster oven and forgot to take the random mail off the top...ending up smelling the melting plastic from a spam mail envelope!!))
What ( besides a fire extinguisher) is best to put a fire out near an electronics device thats in use? Aka do I just throw a cup of water over the toaster, or should I try and beat it out?


REALLY HONEY CHILD! Get with it. Things don't happen because you forgot the toast or whatever. It all accumulates and layers and then THEN things happen. 1st) Get a professional firefighting cert and learn how to handle a fire. Getting advice from us laymen on dumping water on an electrical fire is not going to cut it.2) Don't leave 'random' mail on places you know , from experience, will catch fire.3) get a timer.4) It looks like the 'forgetting' is causing more than just fires in your life. Get spiffy in the mornings and with it. Focus on one task at the time. Multitasking is not for everyone. Slowdown, focus and concentrate, take joy about watching those chicken tenders bubble and the juices ooze out of the pores. Liife suddenly get s better when you experience it like that. This recipe usually take 6-8 weeks to work. And Oh, You should never reheat chicken.

Old momma experience and 5 children

On an electrical appliance it is imperative that it is switched off and isolated from the mains electric. This will decrease the chance of electrocution. Then starve the fire of oxygen by using a wet towel (depending on severity of the fire) Never throw water at electrical equipment this could be disastrous. If you are unsure evacuate the building and call the fire brigade.

you need to address the real problem first that you keep leaving things on. maybe you could put a note on the dial or the microwave -something at eye level- that say like TURN OFF THE STOVE or something. smoke inhalation is bad for you and you do not want to keep setting fires in your house. you could burn it down and that is NOT something you want to go through.

Water in electrical appliances is not a good idea.

Keep a box of baking soda handy and ump it on the flames.

Alternately cover it with a pot lid to smother the flames fairly quickly.

I suppose I really don't need to tell you, but you really need to be more careful.

Doc Hudson fairly

Baking powder or and baking soda.I grab my hand mitts and smack it out.I even had blown fires out when in a panic.I swear it works.My brother and I when we were small were making french fries,he froze and i just blew the fire out.Many times I did this.Keep a Kitchen towel handy(heavy best)and that should do it.Best thing is a smoke alarm & fire extinguisher for to be safe as well as spanic state foe nerves.Keep well~yes' i said s-panic that's the way it comes out when ur in a spanic...

Ack! No water! If grease catches fire, put a cover on the pan and turn the heat off. If your toaster catches fire, unplug it, then toss on a heavy cloth. Your best bet is to keep an eye on things if you are fire-prone.

you can use those water sprayers that are triggered by smoke
if you dont want to permanently damage your toaster, you can try using sand or salt

Put some baking soda on it. The flames will go out.

My mother's wisdom.

Make sure you turn the POWER OFF and use water.

Before you set the house on need to get a booklet on kitchen fires and how to put them out........

Stop smoking pot.

Scary! This is good to know though.

i suggest you buy an egg timer

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