help on meringue cookies?!

Question: Help on meringue cookies?
im trying to make those cookies and i dont have a electric mixer and what can i use instead of electric mixer to whip eggs? and any good suggestion for merigue cookies?like what should i put inside?


You may be abble to get away with using a food processor or blenerr, but really the next best thing is a whisk and a lot of man power.

An egg beater is faster than a whisk, but there is a lot of whipping to do.

I would use apricot as ours are good at the moment, but any other fruit at hand could be used, strawberries are good, but are a little pricey here.

Why do you have to make a recipe where a mixer is so important?

I never use parchment paper for meringues. A buttered and floured cookie sheet is better.

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