what are some good recipes?!

Question: What are some good recipes?
i am tired of the same old food so what do i cook now something maybe easy would be nice(:


There's literally millions of recipes on the internet so just google stuff you like. ex. chicken sandwich sandwich or something i donno lol. And type like quick or easy recipe in your search.

i like food

try white chicken chile, super easy. just get a white chile starter kit, they are in the seasoning section in the grocery store, then get some white beans, corn, chicken breast and canned tomatoes and throw it all in a pot to simmer for a few hours. easy.

An idea of what you would like and the meal, you want to eat would help but for breakfast I like to have scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms and some baked bean.
That would go well for lunch, perhaps with some fried potatoes.

This would be easier if you told us what types of food you like and what you really hate.

boil a hamburger

from my sister

google it or watch the food network

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