What can I have for lunch that's quick, good, and easy to make? AsAp!! *simple question*?!

Question: What can I have for lunch that's quick, good, and easy to make? AsAp!! *simple question*?

bagel with cream cheese and bacon
cheese toasties
Eggs and beans
fried egg on baguette with butter nad ketchup
mac and cheese
pasta with tomatoe sauce
if you have powder mashed potatoes
steam vegetables
rice - egg fried rice
fruit salad
wrap with potatoe salad and cheese
baked beans
home made pitta pizzas
cereal adn milk/yoghurt

you can have a california veggie wrap which is basically a tortilla withcream cheese, sprinkle on some salt and pepper, add cheese, and what ever veggies you want, but don't add tomates and cucumber together, just put in one of them. I heard that your not supposed to eat it together. Also you can add grapes because it's supposed to balance all the flavours together.

Then you simply just wrap it up.

Yesterday I bought a rather large tray of medium sized prawns with today as the "best by" date so I will stir fry them with a medium hot pepper and furn out over some orzo (rice sized pasta) and some green peas and corn.

This might help you out a bit.

Pb&j with bananas.
Tomato soup and grilled cheese.
Tuna salad.

Pop Tarts.

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