How well must you cook a fillet?!

Question: How well must you cook a fillet?
I just ate a 11oz fillet that looked cooked on the outside, but the inside was very rare- was still reddish pink almost all the way except for a little around the edges. It was not cooked by a professional. Is there a great risk of food poisoning here? If so, what symptoms should I look out for and what should I do?


Solid cuts of beef are fine to eat rare. It's only ground beef, pork and chicken that must be cooked well.

edited: oh, you're fine - the sticks were skewers...perfectly fine to use - that other person doesn't know what they are talking about.

If it was of beef and NOTHING punctured the inside meat: you are totally fine.

If something did puncture the beef then there is a mild risk, but it will probably be fine.. since the bacteria is not on the item that punctured the beef, but rather being forced into the beef from the outside flesh.

here's a link to a meat cooking guide because 'reddish pink' doesn't sound 'very rare' it sounds medium rare. Which is even safer.

Go thank the person who made it for making you a good filet.

Filets and ANY beef steak should be cooked rare/medoim rare. You will NOT get sick.

Fillet of what? If it was beef, you're fine, and I hope you enjoyed it.

It will depend on the type od fish it was, but saying it was a pink colour indicates it was salmon and as long as it had been properly cared for prior to cooking it should be OK.
The first symptoms are an upset stomach and throwing up possibly needing to sit on the throne.
Drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself.

It should have been returned to the kitchen

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