What is your favorite European cuisine, and why?!

Question: What is your favorite European cuisine, and why?
If you pick a country that has many regions, please be more specific. I am thinking I would like to try branching out with my cooking, and I don't know anything about European cooking. So I am trying to figure what I might like.


Italian, and I like all of it from all the regions. Like most good cooking, it relies on top quality ingredients that are cooked to enhance each other but not hide what they are. If all you've ever had is fast food pizza and spaghetti smothered in tomato sauce, try some other Italian dishes. There are lots, and pizza can be way better than it usually is though tricky to make well at home because our home ovens aren't hot enough. Easy to do Italian food, because all the ingredients are available just about anywhere in North America. Next favourite is Greek. Again, simple food, and with a rather smaller variety of ingredients than Italian but slightly more exotic in its flavours. German food is good, though very plain and on the heavy side. Stuff that sticks to your ribs.

Go find some restaurants that serve the real thing, if you can find any around. If you're in the US, there are some areas that just don't have good versions of European food. I went to a so-called Greek restaurant once in Texas. There was no lamb on the menu, and lamb is a staple of Greek cooking.

Italian,of course. There are many regons and all have great food. I just love it. The pasta, the sauce all fresh and rich. I just love it. Bonus: It tastes great with Wine and bread

Russian because i was born there and i grew up eating russian foods my entire life cause that is my moms specialties.

French. Julia Child made it look so easy.

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