Can't get my bread to rise :(?!

Question: Can't get my bread to rise :(?
Hi I have a bread machine, and well I have been making bread for sometime now, I'm try to make a 50%-50% bread 50 regular flour 50 whole wheat, I have done this correctly once, but since then I have had so much trouble specially with the fact that the dough does not rise :( and sometimes it's too moist in the center, almost watery.

The yeast I'm using is fine I tested it ( made it grow, and it grew excelent ), but when I make the bread it just does not work

Here's the recipie and the changes I have done

1 2/3 cups of water ( I have changed this to 1 cup of water cause it gets very soggy in the middle, the soggyness seem to have gone away
2 cups whole wheat
2 cups regular wheat
1.5 ounces butter
1/2 cup sugar
2.5 teaspoons of yeast ( I have gone as high as 3.5 teaspoons, now I'm gonna go for 4.5 teaspoons )
2 teaspoons of salt ( I can't eat salt so I use a 70-30 salt substitute 70% Kcl, 70%Nacl )

The yeast I use is in granules, and it is stored in the fridge it's alive and it works, someone suggested me to add tepid water but I have no idea if this will help my bread raise, please help thank you !


If the water was too hot when you put the yeast in, you killed the yeast and need to start over. If the water was too cold, it wont activate. That is the only thing that I can think of. My recipes call for water to be around 110 degrees, I always use a thermometer when I am making bread.

Maybe you need a new bread machine, they don't last forever. Also, when I make whole wheat bread (by hand, not machine) I use a little more white flour than wheat flour. But, my guess is your bread machine wants to go bye bye.

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