Pork tender still good ?!

Question: Pork tender still good ?
I bought a boneless pork tender tuesday, April 5th. We are saturday the 9th and It is still in my frigde. I wanted to freeze it but I forgot.
I looked on the paper and its written, Sell by April 20th.
Is my pork tender is still good ?



It is fine. Do not throw your meat away unless it looks and smells spoiled. Even if the date was April 7th, it still would be fine if it wasn't noticeably spoiled. The sell by date on products is not a magic number for spoilage, it is there to give the consumer a general guideline to follow and to ensure them that they are getting the freshest product for their money. Meat doesn't spoil magically on it's sell by date nor does milk.

If the sell by date is the 20th it should be good till at least then. Open it and smell it, if it is still good freeze it in some good freezer packaging...

i would use it soon
or freeze it you wont know until you open it

NO it must have stayed frozen, you should toss it out

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